LTE: In Support of the Mayor

This is regarding the recent decision that requires the mayor to be escorted into secure areas of the police station. The mayor’s sole responsibility is to manage and oversee functions of the police department. F. Cortez Bell III, assistant district attorney for Clearfield County and solicitor for Clearfield Borough, succeeded in his attempt to hinder management of the Clearfield Borough Police Department. Many citizens have been concerned about the practices and accountability of police. I feel that problems within the police department and many government offices within the Borough are a result of mismanagement and lack of citizen representation. The Borough Council successfully seized the managing authority of the mayor.

There are a select few people within our local government that seem to dominate the decision making processes of our community. Mr. Bell has a way of persuading our leaders to make bad decisions. This is common practice at preliminary hearings, when he argues that reasonable bail will be obtained only when a preliminary hearing is waived. He even has some police officers believing that this procedure is legal and constitutional.

Did the Borough Council consider that the mayor is held accountable for the operations of the police department? Forbidding her to oversee the daily functions without an escort is preposterous. I ask community members to stop allowing our safety and our rights be dominated by the same individuals day after day, decision after decision.

Christy Fulton

Clearfield Borough resident

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