LTE: In Response to ‘Representatives’

Perhaps Mr. McGarvey and others with his view point, they should be reminded that in the old testament days if a wife could not produce a child, then a slave girl was to be offered to produce a child in place of the wife. In fact Jesus even talks of treating your slaves well and not punishing them harshly. This fact was used during the civil war as reason for the U.S. to continue the use of slave when Europe had abandoned the idea as unjust.

While I personally do not care for the alternative life style, I do not see how two peoples commitment to each other will affect my view. I will still maintain my own opinions regardless though they may be subject to change. Yet were opinions not subject to change then perhaps we would all be living as exodus 21-7 says.

As for the state of the leaders of this country I do not believe you can fault one side more than the other, rather the fault lies in simple human ego and greed. Republican, democrat, liberal, neo-conservative, ect, they all have had a hand in where we are at, just as we the people have. We blindly neglect our responsibilities to research those for elected for government . we rely on a media bought by people with money who wish to gain more money or power rather than seeking more than one view, lazily accepting whatever the smiling host tells us as our political leaders proclaim religion driven compassion for us in our everyday life yet they themselves seldom think of living their own life on a budget so as to help out a relative or just to pay some bills.

As for the state of our energy crisis, is a 2,500 lb. vehicle really necessary to carry a 200 lb. man to work? Does that not have a ring of an ego problem to it? Our drinking water is no-longer safe according to major studies, the oceans have dead spots in them from farming nitrates, strip-mining has been linked to lung and heart problems as well endangering clean water supplies, yet we want to blame the government for our problems. Hemp is illegal and has been used for thousands of years for clothing oils and paper, yet alcohol is legal and causes violent crimes, tragic deaths from DUI’s broken homes high medical bills from alcohol abuse and many other problems.

Solutions are out there, yet until we learn to take responsibility for our own actions, i.e.; researching a political figure, demanding tax returns be made public
of elected officials, involving ourselves within our community, living in a way that doesn’t produce excess waste, and talking about issues without being so easily
offended and claiming ones religion over another, we are bound to continue this downslide trend.

Gary MccCure
State College

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