LTE: Representatives Who Decide Our Future

With news of Mayor Bill Welch of State Collage holding a Commitment Ceremony for Gay couples on March 29 at Penn State Campus I contacted all of Pennsylvanians Representatives demanding that this be stopped. Saying this can not be allowed to happen. I received only one reply from Representative Leach, Daylin from Montgomery County the 149th District.

Why not he replied? So I sent him reasons I stated various reasons from the Holy Bible, and added that out of respect for our God we worship, Gays should not try to receive the same Holy Matrimony proceedings in which God created from man and woman some 5 thousand years ago. I urged him to find a sort of state issued license, or offered Canada as an alternative place. Representative Daylin Leach responded. He said that a fundamental flaw was within my argument; I assumed that everyone believes in the same God.

The fact is that the God I believe in has no problem whatsoever with Gay marriage. But neither can the state forbid a ceremony that is in keeping with someone else’s religion. Stated Representative Daylin Leach. It is this type of thinking which our leaders on the Secular Progressive side has so denied the country oil drilling and new Oil Refineries for the past 35 years and has driven the price of gas now up to $3.29 a gallon and headed above 4 dollars. They tax us to death and are proud that over 50 percent of the States Budget goes to welfare programs.

Ed McGarvey

Hooversville, PA

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