LTE: Another Successful Coyote Hunt

Our annual coyote hunt got under way Thursday at midnight with humble beginnings and snow. The club had 4,000 members registered. We’ve had larger numbers, but still it’s an impressive number.

Friday morning brought snow, and we feared it would limit the hunt’s success. We only had 12 coyotes brought in by the night’s end. By Saturday the weather had lifted, and the weather, which we had expected to hinder the hunt, became the greatest blessing. Coyote tracks were fresh in the snow, and the hunters saw more success. Their success is apparent in the final coyote harvest. Sunday morning got off to a slow start but picked up by 10 a.m. By noon, the coyote harvest had exceeded our expiations at 177, making it our largest harvest.

This year’s hunt not only proved successful for our top three prize winners and the club, but also for many local businesses. It also benefited a group of biologists from Shippensburg University and another from a state museum in Albany, NY. Theses biologists allowed our hunt to serve a larger purpose than to help control the coyote population. They also helped us better understand the species and why our eastern coyotes are larger than others in the west.

This year’s top three prize winners were:

First Place: Brian E. Weidner, of Easton, PA, bagged a 50.70 pound coyote harvested at 5 p.m. Saturday in Bradford County. His top prize totaled $8,090.

Second Place: Nicholas K Laversen, of Hawley, PA, brought in a 47.85 pound coyote. He harvested his coyote at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in Wayne County, giving him a $4,800 prize.

Third Place: Damcott Aaron, of Clymer, NY, harvested a 46.10 pound coyote Saturday morning in Warren County for a $3,200 prize.

On behalf the Mosquito Creek Sportsmen’s Association, Club President, Lew Marrara and myself, we’d like to thank everyone who helped with the hunt and made it a success. We’d also like to congratulate all the successful hunters and hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable hunt. We look forward to seeing everyone back next year. And, remember you don’t need to get a coyote for your hunt to be successful.

Devon Tarner

Mosquito Creek Sportsmen’s Association

Public Relations Director

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