LTE: A Reply to Brad Davis’ Letter

Letter to Mr. Brad Davis:

After decades of reading “Letters to the Editor”, I feel compelled to answer my first. This is in response to your recent letter regarding the Clearfield Municipal Authority. I am submitting for the people the following facts:

Yes you did receive a bill that reflects a longer than normal consumption period.

The Clearfield Municipal Authority has, for the last 6 months, been making an attempt to enter structures and read the water meters inside. We are required by the Department of Environmental Protection to have an ongoing “Cross Connection Control Program”. We can accomplish this by reading the meters internally at the structures.

Approximately 300 customer accounts are picked at random each month for this verification. The remainder of the meters in a particular area are read from a touch pad located on the outside of the structure. This procedure is being followed in all 3 billing zones until each consumer’s account is checked. At that time, we will start the process over again.

On January 9 a doorknob hanger was hung at your place of business, requesting that you call to schedule an appointment to have our meter reader accomplish this task. With no reply by you to this request, on January 25 we read the meter from the outside. Had you contacted us as requested and scheduled an appointment, there would not have been so much additional time in this billing period.

The bill you are concerned about is, as you stated, anywhere from 19 to 23 days longer than usual. However, the next bill you will receive, in May, will be that number of days shorter. The May bill will be roughly a bill for 2 months, rather than the normal 3.

All of these details were gone over with you in person by the office staff, and at that time you were encouraged by the staff to attend the February Authority board meeting to have your concerns addressed. You chose not to attend. If you had, your account would have been reviewed by the Board and management.

I would also like to address my having “snapped back”. When you asked me about this while I was in your shop waiting for my order that Saturday evening, my reply was that I would check into it, and for you to call, and we could discuss it. When your employee came from the back and questioned the 4 month bill, my response was simply, “I would just like to have my pizza”.


Jeffrey S. Williams, Manager

Clearfield Municipal Authority

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