LTE: Regarding the Clearfield Municipal Authority

I am writing regarding my concerns over a situation that has occurred regarding the Clearfield Municipal Authority. My name is Brad Davis and am the owner of a local business, upon receiving my latest water and sewer bill for the Clearfield Municipal Authority, I noticed that my bill seemed higher than normal and noticed that my water usage appeared much higher than a normal quarterly amount.

Upon further checking I also noticed that my quarterly period for this time of year is usually Oct. 1 to Jan. 2 (due to New Years), however on this particular bill my period ending date was Jan. 25, which meant I was billed for 23 extra days for water and sewage on this bill, and I have since come to realized that everyone who normally has a water billing period ending Jan. 2 was billed for water much later into January, not all the dates are the same.

I was planning on questioning this when I went to pay my water bill, however on Saturday Feb. 9, the person who runs the water authority Jeff Williams, came into my place of business, so I decided to ask about the overbilling. Upon being asked why myself and other were charged for water until Jan. 25, Mr. Williams said he would have to check, but he thought it must be am error with the date put in at the office. But when further questioned, Mr. Williams became very defensive and snapped back.

I am not in a positon that I am unable to pay this water bill, however alot of people in this area live paycheck to paycheck, and being billed nearly an extra month for water, may be a hardship to some people, especially this time of year when people are struggling to heat there homes with fuel, gas and other utilities skyrocketing.

However, when I go to pay my bill, I am taking my past 4 water bills to prove that I have not used more water and it was not an office error, and I am going to ask that my ending meter reading be adjusted to a figure that it should have been on Jan. 2. I am using the average daily water usage figure that the Clearfield Municipal Authority puts on the bottom left of everyones bill, and myself have calculated that I was overbilled nearly 3000 gallons on my bill alone. With water, sewage and the Boro sewer surcharge being nearly $18.00 per thousand, I was overbilled by over $50.00, and so was everyone else, maybe not this much, but billed for water that they normally would not have to pay for until May of this year, at a time when they are probably not also paying high heating costs.

This may seem ridiculous to some who say, if we are billed from the end of January until the beginning of April our water bill will be less then, however that is not the point, the point is accountability.

I hope others will ask the Clearfield Water Authority, to make a correction to their current water bill as well.

Thank you for your time.

Brad Davis

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