Fire Department Bills Debated at Boggs Township Meeting

WEST DECATUR – Boggs Township Supervisors voted to pay BJW on recently received bills, but at a reduced rate.

Boggs township recently received billing from BJW from November and December for a false alarm and a fire on Dec. 16. The false alarm was from a home security system wrongly reporting that a fire had occurred. For the drive down and checking out the scene came to an hours work at a cost of $300 per hour for the one engine present according to BJW. The December fire required two pieces of equipment and a utility truck coming to $1600 for two hours work. The same rate as the false alarm plus a different rate for the utility truck.

None of the officials could recall of hearing about a change to the rate they decided in light of BJW’s recent cancellation of service to the area to pay the bills under the last recorded rate they had. The previous verbal agreement had been $150 per piece of equipment per hour, and it was believed $50 an hour for the utility truck. As the officials were admittedly uncertain about the $50 per hour for the utility truck they estimated the amount would be between $800 to $1000 after they double checked.

The reason for BJW’s cancellation of their service was the inability of Boggs township to pay the full $4,100 they had asked for to make up for the lack of fires in the area in recent years. Before this BJW was paid per call, as indicated by these two bills. Boggs officials offered $2,500 instead, but BJW rejected the offer. As a result Boggs area talked with the Philipsburg Fire Department who agreed to pick up the Spring Valley area in BJW’s place starting in early January.

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