County Commissioners Approve Colonial Courtyard Expansion Project

CLEARFIELD – Colonial Courtyard will soon be able to move along with its expansion, as the Clearfield County Commissioners approved the project at Tuesday’s meeting.

Prior to the vote, the commissioners revisited last week’s discussions about the required setbacks.

County Solicitor Kim Kesner said all buildings have a 30-foot setback from roadways. The project calls for a 12-foot encroachment, leaving an 18-foot setback.

“They need us to approve the encroachment into the setback” … “We need to decide if it’s a reasonable accommodation for the facility,” he said.

Kesner said he was advised the setback was in place for aesthetic, not utility purposes and didn’t foresee any potential for problems.

Commissioner Mark McCracken brought attention to future roadway development, as an unused roadway is listed on the subdivision. The roadway leads to a county-owned cornfield.

“(Colonial Courtyard) needs to understand a roadway may be put in sometime down the road,” he said. “It’s highly likely it will be developed.”

“I think they understand that from last week’s discussion at the work session,” Commissioner Joan Robinson-McMillen said.

Kesner said neither the previous nor the current board has set plans for the cornfield.

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