CCCTC Trucking Program Accompanies Out of Town Students

CLEARFIELD – Students who enroll in the trucking program and live out of town will now be offered housing at the Rodeway Inn in Clearfield.

William Carbone, assistant director of the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center, said he spoke with trucking instructors who have been recruiting students for their program outside the local area.

He said the potential students found the tuition attractive but expressed concerned about travel and weather conditions. “They asked if we could come up with housing.”

Carbone said the center had contracted housing at $400 for eight weeks at the Rodeway Inn. The students will stay Monday through Thursday and probably leave Friday after class.

“The rooms are very nice and (the price) isn’t bad. You can’t do much better than that,” he said.

Carbone said he was advised to proceed if the center would break even. “Our profit will be approximately $16,000. We’ll more than break even.”

Moshannon Valley School District representative, Joseph Dugan asked if other programs could benefit by providing the same accommodations.

“Maybe, the LPN program,” Carbone said.

Dugan suggested speaking with other instructors to see if they’ve had students express similar concerns. “See if it could be a plus for them, too.”

Carbone said he wanted to make the accommodations. “I hated to turn away potential students. We’ll try it and see what happens.”

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