Area Routes Designated Scenic Byways

CLEARFIELD – “Our residents and visitors enjoy the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, and it’s an important source of recreation and tourism for our area,” Sandy Fink-Barrett, Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Director, said.

Barrett sought the Clearfield County Commissioners for approval of a resolution to make portions of Pennsylvania Route(s) US 219, state Route 969, SR 879, SR 153, SR 453, SR 1001, Bilger’s Rocks Road and the Greenville Pike designated a scenic byway. The commissioners voted and approved the resolution.

She strongly recommended establishing the byway corridor in order to protect and preserve the surrounding areas.

“We want to display the county’s historical resources and outstanding scenic views,” Barrett said. “It’s a valuable asset for us, and we want to tie it all together.”

Commissioner Mark McCracken agreed and said the scenic byway would give Clearfield County another specific asset to market throughout the state.

“It will increase the historical interest in our area and make us more attractive to visitors,” he said.

Barrett also noted tourism is now the second largest industry in the state. “It provides excellent economic opportunities for the area.”

She said the route would also be eligible for funds to enhance various locations for education, enjoyment and safety.

“Our goal is to develop it responsibly and ensure the quality of life,” Barrett said.

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