LTE: I-80 and Beyond

Recently in the CDT there was an article concerning the tolling of I-80. Two senators in the southern counties were enthusiastically promoting the toll as the only way to fund the extremely poor conditions of our bridges and roads. One of the remarks was that “the money has to come from somewhere.”

Ironically at the bottom of the page was a picture of a smiling Ed Rendell announcing that he was authorizing $47 million to Chester County to build a soccer stadium that may help attract a professional sports team.

I’ll keep that in mind whenever I attempt to drive out of the massive potholes in our area. Thank God for gas-sucking SUVs.

Coincidentally or not another article informed us that Arlen Spector is going to have the federal government look into the matter of Spygate involving the Patriots trying to video or otherwise attempt to steal another team’s signals. Lastly to round out the circus Congress is having hearings on steroid use in baseball.

Personally I really don’t care if players use steroids, in fact I rather enjoy excessively long home runs by elderly players, and since I was involved in Little League we were taught to steal the other team’s signs.

If our representatives have sooooo much time on their hands that they have to involve themselves in running sports into the ground instead of our country maybe it’s time to vote them out. But unless everyone starts calling them daily and demanding good government with no pork, no waste and yes, term limits, then we will continue to have the current representation.

The tolling of I-80 and giving $47 million to some rich friend so they can possibly have their own sports team is idiotic.

If you would like an interesting article on the proper running of government Google ‘the Constitution and Davy Crockett.”


Tim Patrick

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