County Commissioners Look to Implement DOC Agreement

CLEARFIELD – The County Commissioners will look to implement the Department of Corrections Reimbursement Memorandum Of Understanding.

County Solicitor Kim Kesner said Clearfield County joined other counties in suing the Department of Corrections for reimbursement of court costs.

“For the counties who have signed the memorandum, the reimbursement has already begun,” said Kesner

He said the legal end is done but wanted to bring attention as to who would implement the billing.

“This needs to be discussed and looked at between the controller’s office and the commissioners,” Kesner said.

Claudia Read, county controller, said the Office of the Public Defender would have to do the billing.

However, Kesner said billing is not limited to public defenders alone.

“Montgomery County is charging for DA and secretarial time, not just public defender time,” Kesner said. “We need to see how they’re doing it. We don’t want to miss out on an opportunity for that revenue.”

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