LTE: the Real Cause of the Economic Downturn

When gasoline first hit $2.30 the effect upon the economy was slightly felt, yet it caused some concern. What Economist failed to see is the relation of higher priced gas at the pump when it hit $3.30 a gallon and stayed there. It was then that the cost began to slowly eat into the economy.

Long term $3 Dollar a gallon fuel has caused virtually everything to rise. Wal-Mart could no longer hold the cost down as the price was set for months and as of January 2008 everyone had to raise the cost of goods. What Congress had done in their haste to bring a energy policy before public view was to buy time. Not one of their Idea’s can be implemented to lower the cost of gasoline, nor will technology exist in 2020 when Coal Electric power plants are forced off line.

It takes 1.6 gallons of gas to refine 1 gallon of ethanol, and you only get 65 percent of the mileage from it. In the end even if we turn every crop in America and the United Kingdom into corn, we will not refine 10 percent of the gas we use today, so when politicians send you a false sense of relief, Gasoline will only continue to be imported.

When you’re discussing the economy, ask yourself if high priced gasoline lowers my buying power, how can not providing more refineries, and drilling here at home while we await the 100 years for the next type of energy flows from the ground can I exist, or can I afford $7 dollar gas? Politicians do not care or they would have fixed education, Social Security and Gasoline quantities.

Elect non-politicians. Here we have a few good ones. We have Chris Voccio, former editor to the Tribune Democrat, and William Russell Retired Military and some more around the State. They are like us, wanting real cures not empty promises over and over.

Ed McGarvey


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