LTE: Who’s Controlling Our Oil?

In an uncensored energy report form American Free Press, Aug. 14, 2006, Lindsey Williams, a chaplin in the 1970s when the Alaskan oil pipelines were built, and ministered to the workers, tells about the oil production in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

He rubbed elbows with the world’s power elite who boasted a detailed 30 year to 50 year plan to control the flow of oil and information. American will never hear about the huge oil and gas reserves in the United States. If ever tapped, would bring today’s fuel prices down to at least $1.50 per gallon and make America more energy independent.

A huge quantity of crude oil and natural gas exists under Gull Island in Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. Upper echelon oil officials told Mr. Williams, Gull Island would be kept under wraps, limiting domestic supplies so Americans would see prices up to $10 a gallon at the pump.

Any country that does not want to play ball with U.S. government and the financial and oil interests will be put on a hit list.

All foreign oil productions will be scaled back to U.S. and Americans will pay $4 to $5 a gallon and could pay as high as $7 to $10 down the road.

The American consumers’ dependence on crude oil has enabled foreign oil producing nations to by T bills to support the U.S. National debt and continued deficit spending. This put our government in a bind, forcing Americans to remain dependent on foreign oil.

Williams told ARP the IMFWorld Bank acts as a middle man between oil producing nations and refineries … they set the prices.

In 1977 Atlantic Richfield told Williams, “We have just drilled into the largest pool of oil in north Alaska and in the world. That was Gull Island. Also, enough natural gas to supply America for the next 20 years. So far, not one drop of that oil has been released to the American refineries.

It was Mr. Udhall, a democrat, who ordered the pipe lines capped never to be used again and no one dare to repeat this.

President Bush wanted to reopen and drill some of the land in Alaska this past year, with modern technology that would not harm the environment. The democrats and environmentalists voted him down and refused to let him do it.

The democrats came out with their usual propaganda saying there was only six months of oil in there. There did they get their information?

If these oil fields were given to independent developers, the national debt could be paid off in five to 10 years and be free of foreign independence. There are those in government who are against it as they do not want this country free of debt. It would be a blow to the Federal Reserve.

Today, gas at the pump is $3.19 at the pump, some places more than that. All depends on the grade you buy. Now government is talking $4. Next, it will be $5 then more each year.

What government doesn’t want to tell the people, other countries that pay high gas prices do not have all these taxes like we do to pay. What they get from gas pays their government expenses.

So who is controlling our oil? The oil companies, government and environmentalists.

Now Russia is claiming se space rights in Alaska. Will she siphon this oil out from under our nose while we pay high prices at the pump?

Edith M. Barber

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