Motorcyle Plans for Clearfield Borough Police Department Stalled at the Moment

CLEARFIELD – It may be awhile before Clearfield Borough Council makes a decision on whether to get a Harley Davidson motorcycle for the borough’s police force.

The topic was brought up at last week’s committees meetings by Mayor Patty Gilliland. The Clearfield Borough Police Department has the option to use the motorcycle for six months. All this would cost the borough is the cost of six months insurance on the vehicle and fuel.

Safety concerns were brought up by council member Susan Reed and police Chief Jeff Rhone.

Reed expressed concerns for the police officers’ safety who would be using the bike, and others.

“I feel you’d be limited in types of uses,” said Reed, who also acknowledged that it would be a nice public relations item.

Rhone said that he would only use officers that were licensed for motorcycles.

Council member Fred Wisor asked that council hold off until more information could be gathered. He also recommended working procedures out as well.

“I don’t think we’re right for it,” said Rhone. He added that he knew about the Harley program three years ago, he also added that he was not exactly against the program.

“My biggest thing is the training,” added Rhone. “I wouldn’t recommend anyone riding this unless they take the training.”

Rhone said the training costs $500 for 80 hours of training.

“It’s a liability issue,” said Rhone. “I can’t condone an officer going out on a motorcycle this big.”

Council President Jim Leitzinger suggested getting the public safety committee together to work the issue out.

“Let’s sit down, see if we can’t work something out and see what’s acceptable,” said Leitzinger.

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