Mini-Grants Bring Innovation to Clearfield Area School District

CLEARFIELD – Five Clearfield Area School District teachers were each awarded a $500 mini-grant by the newly formed Clearfield Bison Education Foundation, bringing innovative educational opportunities to over 500 youth in the School District.

The five grants are the first to be awarded by the Clearfield Bison Education Foundation, which was created through a partnership between Clearfield Area School District administrators and community leaders in an effort to enhance the educational experiences of District students. Grants are funded by contributions from businesses, individuals and District employees and will be awarded on a bi-annual basis.

The first round of Foundation gifts included $1000 contributions from Grace C. Serafini Estate and Derek A. Walker, $632 from the Clearfield Education Association, $500 from both Fullington Trailways LLC and CNB Bank and contributions from School District employees: Jason Barnett, Kathy Bennese, Rick Bunning, Mark Dymond, Nathan Glunt, Anne Herzing, Jeffrey Kavelak, Dr. Denise Keltz, Renee Kulling, John Law, Timothy Meckey, Thomas Mohney, Brian Norwood, James Quick, Kevin Wallace, Tiffany Warlow and Kristy Young.

“This is a very exciting start to supporting instructional innovation in our School District. Special thanks to the Foundation board, the teacher applicants and the donors for making these grants possible,” said Keltz, Clearfield Area School District superintendent.

“With budgets being put under increased pressure, these funds will provide important tools for our students to be competitive worldwide,” added Foundation board member Derek Walker.

First time grant recipients include Carol Tyger, Clearfield Middle School, who will purchase a Smartboard to provide enhanced, interactive learning opportunities for students. Brandon Maines, the District’s Technology Coordinator, is purchasing webcams to connect students and classrooms in the District’s four elementary schools. Wendy Salvatore from Clearfield Elementary School is securing fifty books for students to conduct independent reading projects. Bradford Elementary teacher Pam Gabel will provide MP-3 players for teachers to download audio books for student use at school or at home. Stacy Speicher, High School physical education instructor, is buying fifty yoga mats for use by students at all grade levels.

Clearfield Bison Education Foundation’s board members include Dr. Tina Serafini serving as president, Amy Dixon serving as vice-president, Alise Barr as secretary, Derek Walker as treasurer and at large member Ruthanne Barbazzeni. With the Clearfield Bison Education Foundation being a brand new organization, board members were charged with forming by-laws, procedures, grants award guidelines and fundraising strategies. The group plans to award as many grants as financially possible. “The foundation gives members of the Clearfield community the ability to impact the learning opportunities of our district children beyond budget funding. All donations will go directly to classroom projects or needs,” says board president, Dr. Tina Serafini. The Clearfield Bison Education Foundation is structured as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and can accept gifts from any individual wishing to support mini-grant funding. Individuals wishing to learn more about the Foundation can click on the link on the Clearfield Area School District Web site.

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