Bison Grapplers Continue Hot Streak; Beat Mounties 37-24

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield Bison wrestling team extended their dual meet win streak to three with a solid win over rival Philipsburg-Osceola Tuesday night.


The match began at 119 pounds. Mountie grappler Nick Gurol was aggressive on his feet and parlayed two takedowns into a 4-1 win over Andrew Spicer.
Clearfield quickly answered at 125, however, as Holden Lowe built a 10-0 lead after one period before pinning Josh Barnhart at 2:21.


A wild bout ensued at 130 pounds. P-O’s Todd Ostrofsky was aggressive early, taking a 4-1 lead in the first period via two takedowns. Two more takedowns netted him an 8-4 lead before Harper became the aggressor, scoring a takedown late in the second period and adding another in the third to send the bout to overtime. In the extra period, Ostrofsky was again the aggressor and secured the winning takedown quickly to win 10-8.

head coach Jeff Aveni saw progress from Harper, but said “[Harper] got to overtime by scoring off his shot, but didn’t take a shot in OT. He still needs to get more aggressive…he’s making mistakes, but he’s improving.\”


135-pounder Richie Queen stayed undefeated in dual meet action for Clearfield, scoring from every angle he could with his unorthodox style and winning over Jacob Hensal 15-3.
At 140, freshman Derek Danver hung tough with Mountie standout Kurt McCamley, but gave up takedowns in the second and third periods to lose 4-1.

At 145 Will Beauseigneur was leading 3-0 over P-O’s Ethan Greenawalt, but Greenawalt was able to catch Beauseigneur and pin him at 2:36, giving the Mounties a 15-10 lead. “I couldn’t believe there was not more intensity between these teams’ wrestlers…both sides didn’t have any intensity initially, but it did pick up late in the match,” said Aveni.


The Bison’s Kasey Casher followed with perhaps his most complete match of the season, a 17-3 dismantling of Timothy Gray. Casher racked up two takedowns, two reversals, and nine nearfall points. “Kasey Casher will have a better record by the end of the season,” said Aveni. “He’s wrestled some awfully tough guys, but now the matchups are going his way.”


Clearfield’s Shawn Hall locked up in a very tight match at 160 with Corey Shimmel. The match was scoreless after two periods, with Shimmel riding Hall throughout the second, but Hall was able to hit a tilt for two nearfall points and added a penalty point late for a 3-0 win.


At 171 The Mounties’ Chris Minarchick won an entertaining bout over Lee Zalno, 9-4. Zalno led early with a takedown, and trailed only 3-2 after two periods, but got in trouble with leg rides in the third and that allowed Reams to chalk up the win. “[Zalno] kept throwing legs…I wanted to run into the locker room and scream the last time he did it,” said Aveni. “He didn’t want to use that ride, but he did anyway and it cost him. He’s given up about 10 points using legs and hasn’t scored with them yet,  he needs to get away from that.”


The match turned at 189 pounds when, leading 18-17, the Mounties elected to send backup Frank Reams against Andre buck, instead of selecting 20-2 Bo Reifer. Buck made them pay for this by reversing and pinning Reams at 2:43. Reifer pinned Sam Maines in 1:03 at 215 pounds, but the damage was done; that 24-23 lead would be the Mounties’ last of the evening.


With veteran heavyweight Mike Horton suspended for an ejection last weekend, the Mounties elected to bump Dmitri Sidorick up to face 20-1 Sean Owen. Owen scored five takedowns on Sidorick and won convincingly, 11-3.

When 103-pounder Kodie Lowder followed with a fall at 1:07 against Lucas Wilkinson, it was all over for the Mounties. Max VonGunden iced the cake at 112 for the Bison with a dominating 16-3 win over Josh Shoemaker. “That was a good match for Sean Owen, he had to work tonight. P-O knew what was coming at 103 and 112 and felt that they had to try to win 189 through 285. Kudos to them for being aggressive, and Sidorick was fearless in bumping up to face Owen, but it worked out for us,” said Aveni.


With the win Clearfield improves to 5-2 while Philipsburg drops to 5-5. The Bison will face Lewistown on Senior Night, their last home match of the season, Thursday at 7PM.


Clearfield 37

Philipsburg-Osceola 24


119 Gurol(PO) dec. Spicer 4-1                                    0-3

125 Lowe WBF Barnhart(PO) 2:21                             6-3

130 Ostrofsky(PO) dec. Harper 10-8(OT)                   6-6

135 Queen maj. Hensal(PO) 15-3                                10-6

140 McCamley(PO) dec. Danver 4-1                           10-9

145 Greenawalt(PO) WBF Beauseigneur 2:36              10-15

152 Casher maj. Gray(PO) 17-3                                  14-15

160 Hall dec. Shimmel (PO) 3-0                                   17-15

171 Minarchick(PO) dec. Zalno 9-4                             17-18

189 Buck WBF Reams(PO) 2:43                                 23-18

215 Reifer(PO) WBF Maines 1:03                               23-24

285 Owen maj. Sidorick (PO) 11-3                             27-24

103 Lowder WBF Wilkinson(PO) 1:07                        33-24

112 VonGunden maj. Shoemaker(PO) 16-3                 37-24

Records as of 01/15/08

103 – Kodie Lowder 16-6
112 – Max VonGunden 9-8
112 – Shane Peters 1-0
119, 125 – Andrew Hill 4-10
112, 119 – Andrew Spicer 4-6
125, 130 – Holden Lowe 14-7
125 – Garrett Samsel 0-1
130, 135 – Shane Harper 3-14
135, 140 – Richie Queen 17-7
140 – Dan Henderlong 0-5
145, 160 – Wil Beauseigneur 2-9
140, 145, 152 – Derek Danver 12-14
152, 160 – Kasey Casher 7-13
160, 171 – Shawn Hall 15-10
171, 189, 215 – Sam Maines 0-11
171, 189 – Lee Zalno 10-11
189, 215 – Andre Buck 15-11
285 – Sean Owen 21-1
Seniors Lead the Way on Senior Night as Bisons Pound Lewistown 50-22
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