Clearfield Swimmers Take Win Over DuBois

Clearfield- DuBois boys and girls swimmers and divers set a challenge in the water for Clearfield swimmers and divers who accepted it with victory!
The DuBois team was on top of their game and was out for Clearfield’s team.
“The Clearfield girl’s team is vulnerable this year losing some top swimmers last year, and all the surrounding teams know this, but the girls responded well to the competition,” quoted head coach Jackie Morrison, “Our girls were very fortunate to win and they worked hard for it.”

The boy’s team had some good races and a DuBois sprinter gave them a run for their money. The divers were up against skilled competitors as well, but Steven Williams came in first place with some great dives and Amber Centi looked graceful and dove into first place too.
“The divers succeeded in a hostile environment tonight,” explained diving coach Chad Gearhart, “the cheer of the crowd definitely affects the judge’s score and we came out on top.”

The Clearfield boys 200 medley relay came in first place with Peterson, Krchnack, Shirey and DeCasper, but the DuBois girl’s team of Brown, McMillen, Lingle, and Kreydt touched out the Clearfield’s girls.
Shay Flanagan swam a strong successful 200 freestyle coming in first while Clearfield’s Carolyn Shurer had a victorious finish as well. Brady Mulhullem swam another powerful 500 yard freestyle coming in first place and Branda Smeltzer came in first place with one of her best times this season.
Matt Bojalad, from DuBois, gave Clearfield a wake up call by out touching them in the 50 yard freestyle.
“He was impressive to watch,” explained the coaches. The first year swimmers had successful times and races as well last night. “Our rookies are looking better and better each meet, we are all impressed with their improvements,” said Coach Morrison.

Both the boy’s and girl’s teams of Clearfield won last night and showed what they were made of. The Clearfield swimmers and divers are up against Brookville at home Thursday night at 6 p.m..

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