AG Announces New Regulations for Lobbyists and Lobbying Disclosure

HARRISBURG — Attorney General Tom Corbett announced the approval of new state regulations governing lobbyists and lobbying disclosure in Pennsylvania.

Corbett said the new regulations are the result of extensive work by a bi-partisan Lobbying Disclosure Regulations Committee, which was established in January 2007 to create a new system for lobbying regulation and disclosure in Pennsylvania.

“This process represents real reform and openness for state government,” Corbett said. “The lobbying disclosure regulations adopted today will allow for careful public scrutiny of efforts to influence state officials in the development or passage of legislation, as well as efforts to impact the administration of state regulations or services.”

Corbett explained that the new regulations govern the registration of lobbyists operating in Pennsylvania; the reporting of gifts and hospitality expenses; enhanced ethical standards; enforcement and numerous other issues related to lobbying activities.

The regulations were crafted by a bi-partisan committee, chaired by the Attorney General, which held a series of 38 public meetings, hearings and working sessions, over the past 11 months, allowing for a steady flow of public input and interaction.

Corbett said the lobbying disclosure regulations will now be forwarded to the state’s Independent Regulatory Review Commission and legislative committees for comment. Additionally, there will be a 30-day public comment period following the publication of the regulations by the Legislative Reference Bureau.

Detailed information about the lobbying disclosure regulations is currently available on the Attorney General’s Web site – highlight “The Office” menu button on the front page of the website and select “Lobbying Disclosure” – or use this direct link.

Corbett said the Lobbying Disclosure Regulations Committee will continue to meet to address any issues that arise during the regulatory review process, as well as to complete work on a Compliance Manual for the new regulations.

Information about lobbyist registrations and reported expenses is currently available for public review on the PA Department of State Web site – click on the “Lobbying Disclosure” link from the main menu, or use this direct link.

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