Possible Storm May Affect Finals Schedule at Penn State

UNIVERSITY PARK – A forecast weekend storm may dump a significant amount of ice and snow on the Centre Region, although it is likely snow will end by Sunday evening. This should allow adequate time for highway crews and campus personnel to clear the major streets and roads, parking lots, and walkways. However, if this scenario is not accurate and the storm is more severe or lingers over the region, some changes may have to be made in the final exam schedule on Monday for University Park students.

Knowing the disruption such changes would cause, the University will make every effort to hold all exams as scheduled without posing undue risk to any members of the University community. Should a new schedule for any Monday exams be necessary, information will be posted to the Penn State Live Web site and sent on the Student and Faculty/Staff Newswires. Students should check these sources for accurate information on their own final exam schedule.

Due to the predicted inclement weather, some instructors who are scheduled to give exams on Monday morning could experience difficulty traveling to campus. These instructors should establish now an alternate arrangement with a staff or faculty member or teaching assistant who may be able to travel to campus to distribute and proctor their exams in the instructor’s absence. Students living at some distance from campus also should begin to consider their travel arrangements as far in advance as possible. The university requests everyone’s cooperation in the event that any changes to exam schedules or travel become necessary.

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