Clearfield Borough to Commend Police Officers

CLEARFIELD – Three Clearfield Borough police officers will be commended for their service.

Chief Jeff Rhone announced that he would like to give commendations to Officers Brian Dixon, Michael Rummel and Nathan Curry.

Dixon and Rummel were involved in an incident on Turnpike Avenue in which a man allegedly threatened the officers with a skinning knife. According to court records, Dixon reacted and struck Anthony Werman, causing the Lock Haven man to drop his knife.

“It was a very intense situation,” said Rhone. “Had they not intervened intervened with him night it would have been a disastrous situation.”

Werman is awaiting a preliminary hearing.

Rhone indicated that Curry was on duty a woman approached him. Rhone said that the woman’s child was having bronchial troubles. The officer checked the child and found no pulse. He stated that Curry rushed the child to the hospital for treatment.

“All of them did commendable work,” said Rhone, who added that giving the offices commendations was the least Clearfield Borough Council could do.

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