Lock Haven Man Accused of Threatening Police Officers with Skinning Knife has Hearing Continued

CLEARFIELD – A man accused of threatening police officers with a skinning knife had his case continued for two weeks.

Anthony E. Werman of Lock Haven is charged with two counts of criminal attempt to commit homicide, four counts of aggravated assault, two counts of recklessly endangering another person, two counts of terroristic threats, resisting arrest, 12 counts of disorderly conduct, 12 counts of harassment and stalking and two counts of simple assault.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police were called to a domestic disturbance on Turnpike Avenue. Once there officers noticed that the door to the apartment they were called to was open. Officers could see items strewn about. Officers also noticed yelling and crying coming from a nearby apartment.

One officer knocked on the closed door. A woman answered. The officer noticed that she appeared intoxicated and that she had blood on her arm. When the woman was asked what was going on, she stated nothing, that she was having problems with a cat. She then slammed the door on the officer.

The officer knocked again and the woman answered again. He asked her about the blood on her arm, and she reportedly answered “what blood.” The officer then asked to see the others in the apartment. She told the officer the only other person was her friend.

Around this time a man, later identified as Werman, came from the kitchen, yelling at police. The officer reported that as Werman got closer he could be heard saying he was going to kill them.

Officer Brian Dixon noticed the man draw a silver object from behind his back as he approached the officers. Dixon noted that he felt that his partner’s life was in danger and acted.

Dixon struck Werman, knocking both Werman and the item to the ground. Officers then attempted to take Werman into custody. During this time he reportedly struggled as police attempted to handcuff him.

The item Werman was holding when Dixon struck him was later identified as a 6-inch Alaskan skinning knife, or ulu.

Court documents indicate that Werman struggled on the way down the steps to the police care, potentially placing the officers’ lives in danger. While in the care police Werman reportedly smashed his head off of the grated partition and continually threatened the officers.

Police officers noted that Werman said that the officers were lucky he did not get to them because he was going to kill them with his “skinner.” Werman allegedly made a similar statement at Clearfield Hospital toward police officers.
After Werman smashed his head off of the grated partition, police took him to Clearfield Hospital for treatment. While there Werman allegedly made more threats to police and hospital staff, as well as making vulgar statements.

At one point Werman reportedly told one police officer that he drank a half-gallon of vodka that evening. He also asked what happened one point while in an ambulance.

Werman’s new hearing date is Dec. 26. Keep reading GantDaily for more news on this case as it becomes available.

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