Proposed County Budget Shows Deficit

CLEARFIELD – As of now, Clearfield County government’s 2008 budget shows a deficit.

The commissioners discussed the budget before approving the tentative budget.

The budget shows expenses of $24,142,158 and revenues of $22,386,593, with a deficit of $1,755,564.

Rex Read, chairman commissioner, noted that there have already been suggestions on how to reduce that deficit. He also added that the county has adequate resources to cover the deficit if need be.

“Department heads will get a chance to pare down their requests,” said Read. He added that departments will be asked to conduct a critical review of their budget requests.

County Commissioner Mark McCracken noted that the commissioners and county controller sit down with department heads on the first run through and listen to valid requests.

“This run includes the wish lists,” said McCracken.

McCracken added that the commissioners, controller and department heads will work over the next two-and-a-half weeks to pare down the deficit.

“It’s a fairly significant number,” said McCracken.

Mike Lytle, county commissioner, added that the cost of county government continues to increase, with some departments growing faster than others. He noted the courts and jail budgets in particular.

“It’s always difficult and will continue to be difficult,” said Lytle.

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