Jewelry Theft Reported at Philipsburg-Osceola High School

PHILIPSBURG – Philipsburg-based state police are investigating a theft of jewelry from the Philipsburg-Osceola High School.

According to police the theft occurred Tuesday afternoon. A 17-year-old girl put her jewelry in a locker in the girl’s locker room prior to gym class. After gym she noticed that two of her rings were missing.

The rings are described as a 10k silver band with a square sapphire stone and three diamonds on each side of the sapphire. The ring was valued at $100. The other ring was a 14k gold band with an oval shaped opal stone, about 8-10mm. This ring was valued at $200. Other jewelry belonging to the girl was not removed.

Police say that there have been other reports of thefts from the girl’s locker room. State police remind parents and students to secure their locker and not to wear expensive jewelry to school if it needs to be removed for gym class.

The investigation continues and anyone with information is asked to call 342-3370.

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