DEP Issues Air Quality Approval for Northeast Ethanol Plant

WILKES-BARRE – The Department of Environmental Protection, after completing its technical review, approved an air quality plan for a proposed 60-million gallon-per-year ethanol production facility in Mayfield Borough, Lackawanna County, by Northeast Ethanol and Renewable Resources.

“In issuing this plan approval, we gave careful consideration to the concerns expressed by the public at the meeting we held in September,” said Northeast Regional Director Michael Bedrin.

Under the approved plan, the department is requiring the company to conduct comprehensive stack testing to verify emission limits for sulfur oxides, volatile organic compounds, particulate and hazardous air pollutants at the facility and conduct an additional risk assessment. The additional risk assessment would be based on actual stack test emissions data and would supplement the initial risk assessment, which showed that the facility would not exceed exposure limits.

The facility will use best available technology to control its air emissions. That technology will include thermal oxidizers to control volatile organic compounds and equipment to control particulate matter.

The company is required to obtain DEP permits for its storage tanks. The review process for these additional permits requires additional geological documentation that addresses the facility’s location in an abandoned mine area.

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