Clearfield Borough Solicitor Discusses Developer’s Contract

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Borough Solicitor F. Cotrez “Chip” Bell III a draft for a contract with developer Robert P. Yoder Sr. and his firm, Impact Pennsylvania Inc.

The borough had discussed enlisting Yoder’s aid to improve the downtown area.

Bell presented Yoder’s attorney’s contract and Bell’s drafted version. Bell noted that Yoder’s provided contract was very ‘pro-him.’

Bell noted that contract placed the burden on the borough. In the contract Yoder’s attorney provided, any sort of funding shortfall, whether it would be the borough’s fault or Yoder’s, would fall on the borough.

Bell added that he felt that he split the middle with his proposed contract. He added that the partnership should be one of shared risk.

“I’m trying to get this moving along,” said Bell.

Bell brought the issue before council because he wanted their opinion.

“I want you folks involved in this,” said Bell.

Bell also pointed out that Yoder wanted $40,000 up front. Bell said that he split that amount into four different phases of the partnership.

According to a September GantDaily report, Bell was not able to comment on the type of projects or where they would be located.

“It could mean massive development for Clearfield Borough if this guy’s vision is correct and successful,” said Bell after that September meeting.

Bell added then that it could pull new business into the area as well as new activities. It could also spur what he called a “major influx” of private development into the borough, he said.

Yoder is currently working on projects in Meadville, St. Marys and Warren.

Council members will look at both contracts and give Bell their input.

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