Meet the Register Recorder Candidates

Below are profiles for candidates running for Clearfield County Register & Recorder. The candidates were asked for a biography and to answer questions about their experience and what they plan to bring to the position. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

The General Election will be held on Tuesday. Read GantDaily for up-to-date coverage of the election as the results come in.

Henry Guthrie

Democratic candidate for Clearfield County Register & Recorder

Not an incumbent  


Biographical Information: A graduate of DuBois Area High School (1988) who has attended both Penn State & Clarion Universities, I am employed in the human services field, working with developmentally disabled individuals. My wife, Molly (Dressler), and I have been married for five years and are raising four children in DuBois.

Maurene E. Inlow

Republican candidate for the Clearfield County Register and Recorder.

Not an incumbent.

Clearfield (Lawrence Township)

Biography: I am a lifelong resident of Clearfield County and graduated from Clearfield Area High School in 1977. Throughout the years I have taken several computer courses. My husband Chuck and I have been married for 27 years and have two children, Laura and Michael. I am the daughter of the late Kenneth F. and Janice E. Bell of Frenchville. I am an active member of the West Side United Methodist Church, where I have taught Sunday school for over 11 years.


1: What kind of specific experience do you have to make you the better candidate for the Recorder of Deeds?

Guthrie: Throughout my working life, I have held various positions within industries that are either state or federally regulated, or both. Having been answerable to established methods of procedure on the job for a long time has provided me with a solid background in following protocol, which is one of the main duties of the Register & Recorder. 

Civically and politically, I have served most recently as Majority Elections Inspector and Democratic co-chair in DuBois City’s third ward, both elected positions.

Inlow: The experience I have gained serving in Clearfield County government over the last 26 years has been invaluable. I started in the Register & Recorder’s Office as a clerk and worked my way up in teh office learning all aspects of managing and preserving county records. There cannot be a substitute for actually being in the position to face the day-to-day challenges of the office.

I believe it takes years to learn the responsibilities and also the limitations of the job. I want to utilize this experience and knowledge of the office to better serve Clearfield County. I love helping people and serving in the office has been one of the most rewarding times of my life. I feel I am the dependable, motivated, qualified person for the job. I can be your working recorder from Day 1.

2: How would you improve the office?

Guthrie: My case for improving the office is simple. The disposition of the office toward passive complacency when it comes to cutting costs needs to be seriously overhauled. As the next Register & Recorder, I would make it a priority to identify and reduce wasteful practices within the office. It is no mystery that government incurs needless expense at every level, and I really believe in being actively on guard against this sort of thing. The only impediment to cutting costs is the lack of determination to do so. Examples of being more fiscally responsible have been set by other offices within the courthouse, and I don’t think it is unreasonable to apply some of these methods to the Register & Recorder’s office.

Diligence is also needed when it comes to speeding-up the pace of business within the office. We all know about the slow-turning wheels of bureaucracy, but government doesn’t have to be this kind of hurdle for people. What we should require of our public officials is a penchant for genuine hard-work. The tempo of business is really a question of attitude, and producing timely results has long been a point of pride for me.

Lastly, I think it is worth exploring the idea of better remote access to services. Developing a comprehensive website specific to the office is a project that I would be eager to begin work on, and one that is long overdue.

Inlow: I can state that I am very proud to be part of such an efficient, up-to-date office. We are known to be a pioneer in bringing technology to Clearfield County. In 1998 we started to manage and preserve the county records efficiently and effectively with the Landex Digital/Scanning computer system, where we have also provided services of remote access and the Webstore for the convenience of the public.

I promise Clearfield County tax-payers that I will continue to implement workable cost-effective solutions for you. It is an ongoing tradition of the office to always be looking forward in the improvements and efficiency of the office.

I do promise …

-To continue to back-scan older documents onto the computer so to improve remote access and the Webstore by adding more early records for the public’s use.
-To add E-recording to the service our office will provide.
-To continue the tradition of excellent customer service.

3: Do you see technology as playing a greater role for the Recorder of Deeds in the future? Why or why not?

Guthrie: It seems obvious to me that almost any improvement to the workings of the office would correlate to the implementation of a specific technology. Cutting costs in concert with providing better and expanded service requires one to be both familiar available technologies, and discerning as to how best to apply them. Again, getting the most out of advancing technology demands that the next Register & Recorder be adept, motivated, and determined. These are qualities I would bring to the office.

Inlow: Yes I do.

I have the understanding of the daily work flow and it is an ongoing commitment to the office to provide integrated solutions with the right technology. The technology will continue to modernize, adding to office efficiency, reducing the need for additional office space and will help deliver the services promptly. My overriding purpose of pursing this approach to office management is my desire to provide the best possible service at the least possible cost to Clearfield County residents.

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