Kindergartner Uses 911 Skills to Save Mom

CLEARFIELD – A kindergarten student at Clearfield Area School District’s Centre Elementary put his knowledge to the test, and as a result, likely saved his mother’s life.

The 5-year-old boy, according to Centre Elementary Principal Dr. Mark Dymond, called 911 to tell operators there that his mother was sick. Because of what he learned in school two days prior, he was able to give his telephone number, his address and even unlock the door when help arrived.

A letter from the boy’s mother revealed that she had suffered a seizure and was not responsive.

The mother also said that there were no other adults home when the seizure happened, so her son saved the lives of his 4-year-old sister, his 2-year-old sister and his 8-month-old brother as well.

“My son is a hero, with a BIG thanks to Centre Elementary School and the wonderful job they did teaching the kindergarten classes about 911,” the mother wrote.

Due to the fact that the “hero” is a minor, his name was not released by Dymond.

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