‘New’ Neighbors Coming to Curwensville Lake

CURWENSVILLE – “At one time, this river system had everything,” said Stacy Bressler, member of the Curwensville Anglers Restocking Program.

From shad to herring and even steelhead to salmon, most people don’t have to look far to find someone who remembers the “Good Old Days” when it comes to Central Pennsylvania fishing.

The Curwensville Anglers are looking to bring back some of yesteryear by stocking a formerly native species in the Curwensville Lake and the Susquehannna River system.

Just what do they want to stock? American eel.

The group plans to stock the eel in Curwensville Lake Oct. 27 beginning at 11 a.m.

The name brings to mind cartoonish fish that emit an electrical shock to anyone within a few feet.

But that is not the reputation of this particular species of water-dwellers.

Ed Eckess, president of Philipsburg Bassmasters, said he looks at it as a big, long fish.

Ron Bressler, member of Curwensville Anglers, said the American eel can be eaten.

He recalled stories of his father fishing behind the former tannery site in Curwensville and bringing home many American eels.

“We’re not trying to create one type of fishery,” Ron Bressler said of Curwensville Anglers restocking of the river system is to diversify the ecosystem once again.

“We’re trying to bring the river system back to what it was before man destroyed it,” Stacy Bressler said.

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