Staph Infection Reported at DuBois School

DUBOIS – The DuBois Area School District issued a press release stating that a student there has been diagnosed with a specific type of staph infection.

The student was reportedly diagnosed with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, a strain of staph infection that has developed the ability to resist treatment by methicillin and related antibiotics.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health reports that the agency is working with the district regarding the student.

According to the Department of Health, treatment for the disease involves a different type of antibiotic, although the treatment is not given until the results of lab tests are known.

The school district reports that precautionary measures are being followed as recommended by the Department of Health.

The district is asking parents to speak with their children regarding washing their hands and good hygiene. If parents have concerns regarding sores that do not heal or anything on their children’s bodies that appears to be a spider bite, contact a doctor.

Information has been sent home with children in the affected school, and information will be sent home with all district students next week.

Any questions should be referred to the Pennsylvania Department of Health at 877-PA-HEALTH.

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