DuBois City Council Approves Brewery Redevelopment Items

DUBOIS – DuBois City Council made some decisions regarding the Brewery Redevelopment Project on Monday night.

Following a public hearing earlier in the evening, council approved a proposal for professional services with Lee-Simpson Associates.

According to that a plan the project encompasses 2.3 acres of located in the Industrial Zoning District. The property is located in the redevelopment area certified by the DuBois City Planning Commission and is owned by Hahne Court Co., LLC, Scott Horner and the City of DuBois.
The proposal states that a developer is proposing to construct a 16,000 square feet office building on the site. For that project to go forward three dilapidated structures would have to be acquired and removed before development could occur.

The project will cost around $3 million and create 25 new jobs. The development will result in around $30,000 in real estate taxes and $15,000 in wage taxes.

City Council also approved entering into a cooperative agreement between the City of DuBois and the City of DuBois Redevelopment Authority. This will allow the Redevelopment Authority to be the vehicle for the project.

Lance Marshall, executive director of the Redevelopment Authority said that they would like demolition to begin by next spring. Then work on the grounds could begin sometime in the summer. According to Marshall, in a best-case scenario the building could be completed by early 2009.

“That’s the best-case scenario,” said Marshall.

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