Farrell Latest Chili Winner

FALLS CREEK, PA – Hummingbird Speedway played host to this years Chili 100 IN HONOR OF Chili the Chihuahuas’ birthday presented by Janney Productions.

Chris Farrell of Clearfield copped his biggest career win after he went to victory lane in the late model portion. Fuzzy Fields of Brockport won the street stock portion while Dan Colwell of Knox picked up the front wheel drive four cylinder feature.

The late models hit the speedway with 26 cars packing the track with Ed Conner and Eric Moore filling the front row by virtue of their fast dash finish. It was Connor who took the lead when track owner Louie Caltagarone with Dave Shagla in second and Moore falling to third. A caution flew at that point, slowing the race.

On the restart it was still Connor still leading through a few more cautions with Jeremy Ohl moving to third. Once the cautions stopped falling, the field got into some serious racing as Connor, had to try and keep Shagla in tow, but Shagla was having difficulty working around Connor on the outside so he started to look on the inside for some racing room and on lap 51 he was able move to the lead. Be had Luke Hoffner moving to second with Bobby Stokes dropping Connor to fourth. The who time Chris Farrell was heading towards to the front after starting 19th and falling to 22nd on the first caution.

By the 55th lap it was still Shagla in the lead with Hoffner second, Connor back to third, Stokes was fourth and Cody Schultz was fifth. Farrell was up to seventh and looking to the front.

Hoffner got around Shagla after numerous attempts Hoffner finally took the lead exiting the fourth turn with Moore working back to third and Farrell up to fourth. Farrell was able to get past Moore on lap 82 for third and he passed Shagla five laps later. As Farrell was trying to reel in Hoffner, Hoffner was able to hold his own but with just three laps remaining Hoffner’s #15 drifted to a half on the backstretch, giving the lead to Farrell.

Farrell was able to sit through another caution as he held off the challenges of Shagla the final laps to pick up his biggest ever payday. Shagla was second, Chuck Kennedy was third, Moore was fourth and defending champion Mike Altobelli Jr. was fifth.

Heat wins went to Dave Shagla, Chuck Kennedy, Ed Connor and Eric Moore. Bernie Whiteford won the “B” main and Connor won the fast dash.

Fuzzy Field and Gary Little led the street stock portion of the race to the start with Fields taking the lead and Bill Huntington falling into second and Jason Peters moving to third. Little fell fourth and the top four maintained those positions most of the 50 lap event.

While those four were holding down the front and the field, the crowd was watching Denny Curry. He had to qualify through the B main and started scratch on the 24 car field. By the 25th lap Curry was up to sixth and closing on the leaders. Fields continued to lead with Huntington still trying to get by from second but Curry was coming and on lap 36 he was up to fourth.

Still using the outside lane Curry was now up to third with six laps left but the outside didn’t work when he tried to go from third to first and he lost two spots, but he was able to battle back to fourth. At the line it was Fields over Huntington, Peters, Curry and Little. Heat wins went to Gary Little, Dom Surra, Bob Roseman and Bill Huntington. The B-main was won by Tom Slack.

The four cylinders hit the track with Aaron Hill and Dan Colwell leading the field to the start with Colwell leading the first lap. Hill took the lead one lap later and set the pace the rest of the race, holding off the challenges of Colwell, but Colwell was bound and determined to get the big win and he took the lead off turn four by a few inches over Hill at the line and took the win. Hill was second with Dave Hohler, Dustin Fields and Todd English completing the top five.

Heat wins went to Aaron Hill, Mike Lucas, Kirk Hess and Russ Colwell. The B main was won by #619.

CHILI BITES: 85 teams filled the pits with 28 late models, 26 street stocks and 31 four cylinders filled the pits…The 50/50 was worth more than $800 to the winner…Plans are already underway for the 9th annual Chili 100 with details on the location to be announced later…There has never been a repeat winner in the 100 lap event.


LATE MODELS: 1. Chris Farrell, Clearfield; 2. Dave Shagla; 3. Chuck Kennedy; 4. Eric Moore; 5. Mike Altobelli Jr.,; 6. Dylan Yoder; 7. Burton Firzalo; 8. Josh Young; 9. Luke Hoffner; 10. John Brady; 11. Jim Detman; 12. Steve Stitt; 13. Dave Conover; 14. Joel Porter; 15. Jim Rozum; 16. Cody Schultz; 17. Ed Connor; 18. Bill Davis; 19. Bobby Stokes; 20. Jim Kurpakus; 21. Jeremy Ohl; 22. Jerry Redden; 23. Bernie Whiteford; 24. Billy Eash; 25. James Cornell; 26. Lindsey Barton.

STREET STOCKS: 1. Fuzzy Fields, Brockport; 2. Bill Huntinton; 3. Jason Peters; 4. Denny Curry; 5. Gary Little; 6. Tom Slack; 7. Dan Gill; 8. Dan Smeal; 9. Mike Laughard; 10. Mark Bell; 11. Bob Roseman; 12. Dale Yaney; 13. Steve Barnes; 14. Randy Reitz; 15. Joe Kot; 16. Dom Surra; 17. Levi Ardery; 18. Scott Winslow; 19. Ray Charles; 20. Craig Bainey; 21. Rick Hemphill; 22. Steve Cook; 23. Bob Connor; 24. Rich Waltman.

FOUR CYLINDERS: 1. Dan Colwell, Knox; 2. Aaron Hill; 3. Dave Kohler; 4. Dustin Fields; 5. Todd English; 6. Mike Lucas; 7. Jerry Walls; 8. Steven Cook; 9. Tom Pavelko; 10. Henry Himes;

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