Sandy Township to Answer for Sanitary Flow Issues

DUBOIS – Sandy Township has less than one month to provide a written plan and schedule detailing corrective actions the municipality will use to address alleged problem with sewage flow.

The information came to light at Monday’s Sandy Township meeting when the supervisors read from letters received from the state Department of Environmental Protection.

The letter states that only some of the connection points between Sandy Township and DuBois City were listed in the city’s 2006 Annual Wasteload Management Report.

An Aug. 7 letter from the City of DuBois to the DEP highlighted a damaged meter and population increases in Sandy Township as reasons for why the city’s flow approached the maximum permitted capacity.

“While we do not believe that this provides a fully justifiable reason for the projected hydraulic overload, we will accept it and continue to monitor your hydraulic loading …” read the DEP’s reply.

If future reports from the city to the DEP show a hydraulic overload, the city will be required to submit a Corrective Action Plan to address the issues.

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