Hollidaysburg Outlasts Bisons 42-35

The Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers appeared to have a problem with their kicking game Friday night, but they made up for it in running and two point conversions. Early on the Bisons bounced back from 6-0, pushing ahead to 14-6 in the second quarter, before losing momentum and allowing the Tigers to get ahead and remain there despite a second burst of energy from the Bisons in the final quarter.

\”We have to start winning these things, and now we are making young mistakes, but this is two weeks in a row. We are making mistakes and just shooting ourselves in the foot,\” said Clearfield coach Tim Janocko. \”We had several chances to win this game, but we just didn\’t do some things the right way. We just have to stick with the kids and be patient. Hopefully we can build on this.\”

The mistakes began for Clearfield in the opening plays where a fumble netted Hollidaysburg their first control of the ball. The Tigers making their way to the opposite end of the field with Brad Nocek making the first touchdown, but not his last. Jason Boland missed the kick for the extra point.

The Bisons forged ahead on their next drive. Over half the field and about a half dozen plays later Isiah Morgan crossed the goal line tying the score, with the extra point kick by Parker Herrington sending them ahead of the Tigers, 7-6.

Clearfield kept up the offensive with Jarrin Campman running for another touchdown with Herrington making another extra point. The 14-6 lead was short lived with Justin Gildea catching a 47 yard pass from Smith. Brad Nocek bypassed the Bison\’s defense for a two point conversion, ending the second quarter in a tie, 14-14.

The Tigers got off to a quick start in the second half with Smith scoring on a short run after the opening drive. However, the extra point bounced off of the goal post. The Tigers played solid defense the entire quarter, holding the Bisons scoreless. Nocek returned a punt 70 yards for a touchdown to up Hollidaysburg\’s lead to 26-14. Smith and Gildea reenacted their earlier touchdown pass on a much smaller scale for the two point conversion.

Intent on making a comeback, the Bison offense trudged forward through a series of passes to bring the football back to the Tiger\’s territory where Drew Hipps slipped in to receive a 21 yard pass from Campman. Herrington once again made a successful PAT.

The ball changed hands several times before the next touchdown where Nocek again got past the Bisons keeping the Tiger\’s just ahead. The two point conversion run failed.

Clearfield resumed their passing game whenever possible for their comeback against the Tiger\’s. Not all the passes were complete, but the team managed to maneuver their way down the field for Todd Hryn to complete an 11 yard pass.

As the clock ticked down to the end of the quarter both teams did their best to prevent the other from scoring. The Tiger\’s managed to score again when Nick Milardo ran five yards for the touchdown. Pramuck received a pass from Smith for the two point conversion.

In response, Clearfield put forth a valiant effort to close the gap before the end of the game. The final touchdown scored when Campman rushed forward through the Bison line and into the Tiger\’s end zone to complete a 1 yard run. Herrington scored the final extra point of the game for the final point.

\”The season isn\’t won in the first two weeks. We are 1 and 2, and we are competitive. We are going to get better. You can see we are ready to blossom, \” said coach Janocko about the game afterwards.

Hollidaysburg 42


Score By Quarters

Hollidaysburg 6 8 14 14–42

Clearfield 7 7 0 21–35

First Quarter

Nocek run, (kick failed)

Morgan run, (Herrington kick).

Second Quarter

Campman run, (herrington kick).

Gildea pass from Smith, (Nocek ran).

Third Quarter

Smith run, (kick failed)

Nocek run (Gildea pass from Smith)

Fourth Quarter

Hipps run, (Herrington kicked).

Nocek run, (run failed).

Milardo run, (Pramuk pass from Smith).

Campman run, (Herrington kick)

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