Reynoldsville —Hummingbird Speedway’s regular season racing ended Saturday evening with points champions being crowned in all five divisions. Feature winners on Eric McGarvey Memorial Night/Emergency Services Personnel Night included Rodney Phillips of Punxsutawney, Dan Smeal of Houtzdale, Alan Barnett of Philipsburg, Brain Rhed and Dustin Fields of Brockport.

The IC Light Beer four-cylinders were first on the track this evening with Don Henry and Alan Barnett showing the way. After a complete restart, Henry grabbed the lead in the 15-lap main with Barnett applying pressure. After a number of cautions, Barnett worked the low line of Henry, and took over the top spot on lap 6. Barnett maintained the lead at the halfway mark with Henry, Orin Taylor, Ken Erskine, and Bob Ralston, Jr. keeping things close. Henry’s chance at the point’s title went by the way side, as he had to pit with engine problems on lap 14. Barnett pulled away from the field on the races final restart, and he went on to score his third win of the year. Anderson’s fourth place finish was enough to garner his first point’s title at the track. Barnett and Henry won the heats.

The 20-lap Prontock Beer Distributors street stock main was next on the racing surface with Joe Kot and Dustin Michuck on the starting front row. Kot held the early lead with seven others in contention. Smeal, Kot, and Michuck battled three wide for the lead with Smeal taking over on lap 4. After a number of minor cautions, Smeal maintained the lead at the midway point with Jason Peters, Bob Rosman, Gary Little, and Bill Huntington rounding out the top five. Two late race cautions kept the field close to Smeal, but Smeal wouldn’t be denied as he went on to take his fifth win of the year. With his fourth place finish and four feature wins on the year, Little garnered his first point’s title at the speedway. Little and Huntington claimed the heat race wins.

Eric Moore and Dave Shagla, Jr. led the field of BWP Bats limited late models trackside for their 25-lap main. Shagla grabbed the early lead from Moore with Luke Hoffner and Bob McMillen battling side by side for third. After a lap 5 caution, McMillen went to the high side and passed Hoffner and Moore and then set his sights on Shagla. McMillen worked the high side of Shagla and completed the pass for the lead on lap 12. McMillen held the lead midway in with Shagla, Moore, Hoffner, and Josh Young battling for position. McMillen started to stretch out his lead with Hoffner using the high line as he overtook Shagla and Moore and moved into second place. After a lap 18 caution, McMillen and Hoffner made minor contact in turn two, Phillips found an opening on the high line and took over the top spot on lap 19. Phillips started to pull away as Hoffner and McMillen battled for second with Pete Alspaugh making a charge towards the front. A late race caution set up a green-white- checkered finish with Phillips holding off Hoffner for his first win of the year at the track. Shagla’s consistent finishes and one win gave him his second track championship in four years. Hoffner and Chris Farrell won the heats.

The Miller Brother’s Furniture /By The Room Furniture pure stocks were next on the track with Sam McClellan and Jason Bainey showing the way to the green flag. McClellan led the opening lap, but spun his car in turn two, and was hit twice. McClellan retired for the evening. Josh Lindenmuth took over the lead, and opened up a sizable lead as five others battled for second. Lindenmuth continued to lead through the midway mark with Rhed, Pete Mackie, John Barley, and Mike Donahue trying to close the gap. On the final lap, Lindenmuth was leading when something broke in the right front of Mackie’s car. Mackie’s car slid up into Lindenmuth’s car letting Rhed the opening he needed to go on for his speedway leading ninth win. With his third place finish and five-feature win’s, Bainey was crowned the point’s champ in the division. Rhed and Donahue copped the heats.

Josh Fields and Kenny White led the full field of front wheel drive four-cylinders trackside for their 12-lap feature. Fields took the early lead and stretched it out through the midway point with White, Stephanie Lucas, Dustin Fields, and Ray Hickok trying to close the gap. White took over the lead on lap 9, but Fields fought back and regained the lead on the next lap when White got sideways in turn two. Late in the race, Fields got tapped from behind letting Dustin Fields and Hickok go by for position. Fields held off a hard charging Hickok for his third win of the year. Jerry Walls replaced his brother Russ as points king as he won two features this year. Dustin Fields, Walls, Hickok, and Henry Himes won the heats while Todd English took the consy win.

SPEEDWAY NOTES: There were 94 cars in the pits this evening including 17 limited lates, 14 street stocks, 15 four-cylinders, 15 pure stocks, and 33 front wheel drive four-cylinders. For more information on upcoming events at the speedway call the track office at 653-8400 or visit the track’s website at


BWP Bats Limited Late Models: 1. Rodney Phillips, Punxsutawney; 2. Luke Hoffner, Turbotville; 3. Pete Alspaugh, Russell; 4. Bob McMillen, St. Marys; 5. Eric Moore, Frenchville; 6. Dave Shagla, Jr., Sugar Grove; 7. Bernie Whiteford, Hastings; 8. Bruce Raybuck, Falls Creek; 9. Loren Sallack, Johnsonburg; 10. Donnie Connor, Reynoldsville; 11. Rich Womeldorf, Apollo; 12. Josh Young, Berwick; 13. Brian Molnar, Falls Creek; 14. John Brady, Clearfield; 15. Jim Rozum, Kennerdell; 16. Chris Farrell, Clearfield; 17. John Chesnalavich, Jr., Reynoldsville

Prontock Beer Distributors Street Stocks; 1. Dan Smeal, Houtzdale; 2. Bill Huntington, Stump Creek; 3. Joe Kot, DuBois; 4. Gary Little, Clearfield; 5. Bob Rosman, Sykesville; 6. Ray Billotte, Mineral Springs; 7. Neil Wilson, Jr., Clearfield; 8. Mike Miller, DuBois; 9. Jason Peters, Clearfield; 10. Jamie Price. Clearfield; 11. Dustin Michuck, St. Marys; 12. Pernell Beimel, St. Marys; DNS: Mark Clark & Dan Steis

IC Light Beer Four-Cylinders: 1. Alan Barnett, Philipsburg; 2. Orin Taylor, DuBois; 3. Ken Erskine, Bells Landing; 4. Mike Anderson, State College; 5. Brandon Weidow, Byrnedale; 6. Bob Ralston, Jr., Philipsburg; 7. Bill McMillen, Jr., St. Marys; 8. Bobby Battaglia, Reynoldsville; 9. Tim Bailey, Clearfield; 10. Don Henry, Brockway; 11. George Bailey, Clearfield; 12. Randy Albert, Morrisdale; 13. Tim Steis, St. Marys; 14. Adam Nixon, Grampian DNS: Bill Washek

Miller Brothers Furniture/By The Room Furniture Pure Stocks: 1. Brian Rhed, Brockport; 2. John Barley, DuBois; 3. Jason Bainey, Philipsburg; 4. Kyle Lindenmuth, Brockport; 5. Jeff Krach, Falls Creek; 6. Rob Molnar, Falls Creek; 7. Kevin Chase, Ramey; 8. Robin Welsh, Stump Creek; 9. Pete Mackie, St. Marys; 10. Francis Gustafson, Weedville; 11. Mike Donahue, Reynoldsville; 12. Steve Barnes, Punxsutawney; 13. Travis Brady, Clearfield; 14. Sam McClellan, Clearfield DQ’ED: Jamie Lunger (Light)

Front Wheel Drive Four-Cylinders: 1. Dustin Fields, Brockport; 2. Ray Hickok, Clymer; 3. Josh Fields, Brockport; 4. Kenny White, DuBois; 5. Jerry Walls, DuBois; 6. Scott Buffington, Big Run; 7. Chuck Erskine, Clearfield; 8. Tom Pavelko, Cherry Tree; 9. Ben Smith, Penfield; 10. Henry Himes, Brockway; 11. Brian Fields, Brockport; 12. Shawn Fedder, Clearfield; 13. Brain Crawford, Punxsutawney; 14. Todd English, Clearfield; 15. Jessica Brooks, Falls Creek; 16. Adam Dysard, Clearfield; 17. Terry Borden, Reynoldsville; 18. Cory Kilgore, Kittaning; 19. Mike Hummel, Clearfield; 20. Kyle Llewellyn, Penfield; 21. Jason Joiner, Brookville; 22. Stephanie Lucas, Centre Hall; 23. Dave Kohler, DuBois; 24. Shawn Lindemuth, Hazen DNQ: Eric McCall, Glenn Robinson, Mark McMillen, Brittany Bouch, Ricky Snell, Cory Silvis, Joe Nelson, Amber Brown, & Jody Frantz

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