Points Champs Determined at Hesston

HESSTON, PA – The Sprint champion was decided three weeks ago at Hesston Speedway and this past Saturday night three more champions were determined during the Leland Cavalet Memorial Race.

Mike Altobelli Jr. of Saxton won the limited late model feature and picked up his career first points title; in the Sprints it was Craig Robinson taking the win while Roger Irvin was named the point champion earlier; in the street stocks the points were close enough that it took until the final lap to come up with a champion. The race was won by Dave Brown with Khi Swanger taking the title by two points over Cris Edwards Jr. and in the hobby division Gary Morder won the feature while Joe Dearmitt won the title.

The late model feature saw point contenders Mike Altobelli Jr. and Tim Smith Jr. line up on the front row, with Altobelli taking the lead and Smith falling into second. Smith did everything he could do to take the lead, and finally on lap five he edged out front for a lap, but Altobelli, using the outside of the track, battled back.

Altobelli regained the lead and had a caution fly at that point. On the restart newcomer Chad McClellan was headed towards the front. He moved to the third spot on lap 15 and then to second by forcing his way past Smith on lap 17. He had a few laps left to try and get past Altobelli, but he wasn’t going to let that happen, as Altobelli took the win over McClellan, Mike Shoemaker, Rance Garlock and Smith. Heat wins went to Mike Shoemaker and Chase Billet.

“Cowboy” Jim Kennedy and Ryan Lynn led the sprints to the start with Lynn taking the lead into the first turn at the initial waving of Todd Lynn’s green flag. As Lynn set the pace, fourth place starter Billy Jones Jr. and fifth place Craig Robinson were starting to chase the leader down. When a caution flew on lap three tightening the field, Lynn lost the lead to Jones, who made a move under Lynn in turns three and four.

Jones then had the lead and Robinson followed under Lynn a lap later and began to chase Jones, but as Jones entered lapped traffic he tagged the rear of a lapped car, spinning the car and causing a caution. With the caution being on Jones, he was told to tail the field and for failing to do so, he was black-flagged. This gave the lead over to Robinson who help off first Lynn to reassumed second then Mike Heckman who was coming from 11th, but Robinson held on for his second win of the season over Heckman Lynn, Mike Freet and Scott Ellerman. Cliff Conner, Craig Robinson and Bill Jones Jr. won the heats.

The race within the race was certainly in the street stocks, as Mike Stiffler beat Kris Leonard into the first turn to start the race with Leonard second. While the race for the win was one part of the excitement, it was also a title chase between Khi Swanger and Cris Edwards Jr. for the title.

As Stiffler led, he had to contend with Bill Henney who came from 10th to second in one lap. Henney then tried to take the lead from Stiffler on lap four in turns three and four, but before he could make it to the line, the #50 blew a tire and came to a halt in the fourth turn. As the caution was flying for Henney, Swanger, Chad Parks and Randy Wible tangle in turn four, eliminating Swanger from the race and possibly ending his hopes for a title. All Edwards had to do was finish 10th or better to get the title.

As the race resumed it was now Dave Brown in the lead with Leonard in second and Tim Brindle in third. Leonard was trying what he could do to get around Brown in hopes of getting his first ever win, but Brown held him off. As the field entered the final lap, Edwards spun in turn four and the final caution flew. The top five were Brown, Leonard, Brindle, Wible and Tom Williams. Edwards ended up 12th and lost the title by two points to Swanger. Heat wins went to Tim Brindle, Scott White and Bill Henney.

The hobby feature saw Kevin Hunsicker and Lou Wannayn on the front row with Wannayn taking the lead at the start with Hunsicker in second and new comer Tom Mulhollen thid. Mulhollen took the lead on lap nine and held off first Wannayn then Bill Replogle and finally Gary Morder for the win, but Mulhollen was disqualified at the finish and the win went to Morder. The top five were: Morder, Replogle, Keith Russell, Chris Chaney and Curtis Heath. Heat wins went to Joe Dearmitt, Ryan Sager and Chris Chaney. Joe Dearmitt is the the point champ.

PITS NOTES: 77 cars filled the pits, including 16 limited late models, 17 PA 305 Sprints, 18 street stocks and 26 hobby stocks…A moment of silence was observed for Billy Kimmel who lost his life in a sprint car crash on Sept. 2 at Williams Grove Speedway. Kimmel was a former 305 competitor at Hesston…The top three in each division received a trophy in memory of Leland Cavalet…Keep watching the speedway website for details on the next race. There is no racing this coming week, Sept. 15 due to the Central PA Nationals in Clearfield…The awards banquet is tentatively scheduled for the first of the year with more details coming soon…for more information on Hesston Speedway check the website at www.hesstonspeedway.com.

Limited Late Models: 1. #79 Mike Altobelli Jr.; 2. #31 Chad McClellan; 3. #8\” Mike Shoemaker; 4. #19 Rance Garlock; 5. #39 Tim Smith Jr.; 6. #77 George Dixon Jr.; 7. #73 Mike Duck; 8. # 72 Steve Bard; 9. #88 Dave Leidy; 10. #50 Jake Griffith; 11. #71 Curtis Heath; 12. #RE3 Ron Evans; 13. #37J Jim Andrews; 14. #22 Chase Billet; 15. 80E John Hedge; DNS: #55 Tom Barron

PA 305 Sprints: 1. #16Craig Robinson; 2. #8H Michael Heckman; 3. #21C Ryan Lynn; 4. #11 Mike Freet; 5. #10 Scott Ellerman; 6. #84 Clifford Conner; 7. #33Z Joe Zap; 8. #R6 Reed Thompson; 9. #27 Brett Hockenberry; 10. #4 Rodney Peters; 11. #3 John Hagen; 12. #7 Jim Kennedy; 13. #79 Mel Light; 14. #12J Bill Jones Jr.; 15. #88 Jim Wentz;
DNS: #89 D.J. Holland #22 Jim Marquette

Street Stocks: 1. #110 Dave Brown; 2. #34 Kris Leonard; 3. #45 Tim Brindle; 4. #9 Randy Wible; 5. #8T Tom Williams; 6. #3 Chad Parks; 7. #98 Billy McClellan; 8. #W8 Wayne Irvin; 9. #59 Mike Desch; 10.#22 Jessie Snyder; 11. #13 Scott White; 12. #66 Cris Edwards; 13. #24 Mike Duquay; 14. #17S Michael Stiffler; 15. #95 Tom Spangler; 16. #88 Khi Swanger; 17. #50 Bill Henney; 18. #5 Barry Welch

Hobby Stocks: 1. #1 Gary Morder; 2. #60 Bill Replogle; 3. #36K Keith Russell; 4. #17C Chris Chaney; 5. #71 Curtis Heath; 6. #95 Harry Smith; 7. #8\” Jeff Shoemaker; 8. #30 Russell Lightner; 9. #22S Mark Snyder; 10. #8C Curtis Guyer; 11. #66 Carl Snare;12. #32 Damion Hammel; 13. #18B Tom Dearmitt; 14. #14 Bobby Witters; 15. #77 Lou Wannyn; 16. #88 Kyle Grove; 17. #0 Kevin Hunsicker; 18. #21 Joe Dearmitt; 19. #10 Jake Gongloff; 20. #56 Todd Goss; 21. #78 Ryan Sager; 22. #D16 Daren Desch; 23. #68 Bill Dearmitt; 24. #69G Ernest Goss; 25. #58 Tom Mulhollen
DNS. #8 J.R. Guyer

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