Weiner Earns First Career Win at Dog Hollow; Powell Wins Fastrak Special

STRONGSTOWN, PA – Several years ago Todd Weiner of Greensburg was in a highway accident that left his without the use of his legs. It didn’t stop him from leading a normal life and doing what he loved.

Friday night Weiner was able to fulfill another dream, as he picked up his first career Hugill Sales and Service Street Stock feature win at Dog Hollow Speedway.
The Frank Mayak Memorial Race was won by Bobby Powell of Waterford in the Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Model special.

Repeat winners were Clate Copeman of Greensburg in the Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models, Tim Laughard of Vinco in the Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks and Dan Adams of Nanty Glo in the Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Sidewinders.

The late models took to the track with Randy Smithley and Clate Copeman on the front row. It was Smithley that was able to beak into the lead at the start with Copeman in second and fast moving Bernie Whiteford third. Smithley held the lead with Whiteford taking second on lap four. Smithley held him off but on lap 11, Smithley lost the handle and spun in turn four, giving Whiteford the lead.

On the restart Whitford was leading and set the pace for two laps before Copeman took the lead and set said. As he was leading ninth place starter Chad McClellan moved into second and set his sights on the leader, but it was all Copeman getting his sixth win of the season. McClellan, Whiteford, Billy Eash and Tim Snare Jr. completed the top five. Heat wins went to Clate Copeman and Bernie Whiteford.

The Fastrak Late Models pulled in with 21 cars and Rodney Phillips and Bobby Powell on the front row. As Bob Sullenger waved the green it was Powell taking the lead and setting the pace. Greg Oaks initially chased him, but he pitted on a lap seven caution, losing two laps. On the restart Alan Dellinger moved to second and began to pursue the leader with John Watson in third. While the top three were jockeying for position the crowd was also watching Tom Snyder. The Mayport driver started 20th and by the 14th lap he was sixth and a lap later advanced to fifth.

By the 18th lap, Snyder had moved into third and was trying to work the outside, but he wasn’t able to make it stick, and fell to fourth at the line. The top five were Powell, Dellinger, Watson, Snyder and Dick Barton. Heat wins went to Alan Dellinger, Rodney Phillips and Greg Oaks.

From the start the street stocks were chasing Todd Weiner as he took the lead from fellow front row starter Cory Poraczky. Weiner set the pace the entire race with first Jeff Sweeney in second and Josh Jacoby in third. On lap eight Laughard moved to second and Jacoby remained third, but it was still Weiner in the lead. Laughard tried every lane around Weiner, but Weiner held off the multi-time winner for his first career win. Laughard was second, Jacoby was third, Sweeney was fourth and John Kinsey was fifth. Heat wins went to Mike Laughard and Josh Jacoby.

Brian Daughenbaugh and Bobby Noel led the pure stocks to the start with Daughenbaugh leading the first two laps. By the third lap third place starter Justin Queen had taken the lead with Tim Laughard in second and John Mazey in third. The top three were pulling away from field with Queen still setting the pace.
The top three entered lapped traffic on lap seven and with four lapped cars ahead of the field they were three wide on the backstretch with Laughard taking the lead and Queen falling to third. Laughard continued to lead while Mazey and Queen swapped second, but the duo got to close in turn one with two laps remaining as Queen tagged Mazey and Mazey spun. Queen tailed the field and Mazey restarted second. With two laps to go Laughard held off Mazey and Marshall Detwiler for the win. The top five were Laughard, Mazey, Detwiler, Rich Powell and Tim Good. Heat wins went to Marshall Detwiler and Scott Lorenzo.
Dan Adams and Matt Shirk led the four cylinders to the green with Adams taking the lead and never looking back. He was holding off both Scott Shirk and Jay Schettini then Mark Maglett the entire distance. At the finish it was Adams, Scott Shirk, Maglett, Schettini and Chris Yoder. Heat wins went Ray Hickok Jr., Dan Adams and Chris Hickok.

DOG TRACKS: 98 cars filled the pits, including 19 late models, 21 Fastrak Late Models, 14 street stocks, 20 pure stocks and 24 four cylinders…Drivers from Pennylvania and New York signed in to compete in the Fastrak special…Coming up this week there will be a regular show for the late models, Fastrak late models, street stocks, pure stocks and four cylinders plus kids bike races. Helmets are required. The racing action will be sponsored by Imler’s Poultry. Race time is 7:30 p.m. More details are on the web site at www.dog-hollow.com.

Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models: 1. Clate Copeman, Greensburg; 2. Chad McClellan; 3. Bernie Whiteford; 4. Billy Eash; 5. Tim Snare Jr.; 6. Kris Pisarchik; 7. Bobby Hoffman; 8. Bill Krause; 9. Rudy Bassaro; 10. Doug Glessner; 11. Dan Lee; 12. Andrews Satterlee; 13. Randy Smithley; 14. T.J. Fleck; 15. Mike Ziner; 16. John Jackson; 17. Sam Gindlesperger; 18. Matt Hugill; DNS: Todd Baumgardner.

Storystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models: 1. Bobby Powell, Waterford; 2. Alan Dellinger; 3. John Watson; 4. Tom Snyder Jr.; 5. Dick Barton; 6. Carl McKinney; 7. Chris Angelicchio; 8. Chris Knuth; 9. Chad Wilds; 10. Tom Kemp; 11. Ron Smithley; 12. Kirby Tucker; 13. Daniel Angelicchio; 14. JR Wright; 15. Rodney Phillips; 16. Greg Oaks; 17. Paul Michny; 18. Bob Vogt Jr.; 19. Chad Myers; 20. Dave Padula; 21. Stephen Hollabaugh.

Hugill Sales and Service Street Stocks: 1. Todd Weiner, Greensburg; 2. Mike Laughard; 3. Josh Jacoby; 4. Jeff Sweeney; 5. John Kinsey; 6. Ray Charles; 7. Tyler Hite; 8. Randy Campbell; 9. Brad Campbell; 10. Cory Poraczky; 11. Royann Charles; 12. Bob Bennett; 13. Mike Zemrose; 14. Bill Pluta Jr.

Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks: 1. Tim Laughard, Vinco; 2. John Mazey; 3. Marshall Detwiler; 4. Rich Powell; 5. Tim Good; 6. Matt Summers; 7. Justin Queen; 8. Gary Furman Jr.; 9. Brian Daughenbaugh; 10. Mike Silk; 11. Brian Ray; 12. Bob Helsel; 13. Jamie Cameron; 14. Ted Laney Jr.; 15.Joe Zulisky; 16. Scott Lorenzo; 17. Bobby Noel; 18. Nathan Howe; 19. Josh Lewis. DNS: John Eckenrod.

Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinders: 1. Dan Adams, Nanty Glo; 2.Scott Shirk; 3. Mark Maglett; 4. Jay Schettini; 5. Chris Yoder; 6. Joe Petyak; 7. Paul Little; 8. Ray Hickok Jr.; 9. Jon Forshey; 10. Ron Laconte; 11. Matt Weakland; 12. Jason Bialowas; 13. Chris Hickok; 14. Randy Wilkinson; 15. Mat Shirk; 16. Martin Lechner; 17. Nathan Good; 18. George Gillen Jr.; 19. Shaina Shannon; 20. David Rocker; 21. Jeremy Mertens; 22. Shawn Shark. DNS: Tom Hockenberry Jr., and Ray Claycomb.

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