Repeat Winners All Around at Hesston Speedway

HESSTON, PA – Garlock’s Used Cars sponsored the racing action at Hesston Speedway on Saturday night as Derek Byler (Limited Late Models), Bill Henney (Street Stocks) and Joe Dearmitt (Hobby Stocks) picked up feature wins.

The limited late model feature hit the track with Donnine Hedge taking the lead first from fellow front row starter Lincoln Richey. Hedge led the first lap before Justin Kann took second in the John Powell owned Sleeper House Car. While he was second Derek Byler was headed to the front from his fifth place starting spot.

On lap six, Byler went to the outside in turns three and four and took the lead from Kann. While Byler was leading Kann was holding off the challenges from both Richey and Mike Altobelli, Jr. Side-by-side racing was occurring throughout the field with Byler ending up the win. Kann was second, Richey was third, Altobelli was fourth and Tim Smith Jr. was fifth. In a post race tech, Kann was disqualified, moving everyone up one spot and putting Rance Garlock in fifth. Heat wins went to Donnie Hedge, Lincoln Richey and Mike Altobelli Jr.

Scott White and Tim Brindle led the street stocks to the green flag and it was White that took the lead with Brindle in second and Cris Edwards Jr. in third. White continued to lead, holding Brindle then Cory Stiffler. On lap six Stiffler passed Brindle for second and tried to get the lead from White, but it was Bill Henney that went from third on lap nine to the lead. Once in the lead, Henney was uncontested and went on to victory lane with Khi Swanger, Chad Parks, Dave Brown and Kris Leonard completing the top five. Heat wins went to Bill Henney, Khi Swanger and Tom Williams.

The hobby feature was tough to get started as Jake Gongloff collected the inside back stretch wall on the initial green than another spin occurred. Once the race got rolling it was Bill Dearmitt that took the lead with Chris Channey, Ryan Sager, Curtis Heath, Joe Dearmitt and Gary Morder all chasing him.

As the race continued Heath pitted and gave up the chase but Joe Hammers and Keith Russell took over where he left off as the field continued to bare down on leader Bill Dearmitt. Each lap the top six were throwing everything it had at the leader but he held them off. Entering the third and fourth turns on the final lap, Bill Deamitt blew a tire, scattering the field, Channey went high to avoid making contact, Russell got stuffed into an infield tire, Joe Dearmitt took the lead and Sager was beside him trying to get the win, but Joe Dearmitt won by a fender of Sager. Once it was all sorted out the winner was Joe Dearmitt with Sager, Channey, Hammers and Daren Desch completing the top five. Heat wins went to Bill Dearmitt, Jake Gongloff and Chris Channey.

PIT NOTES: 62 cars filled the pits including 19 limited late models, 19 street stocks and 24 hobby stocks…A bridge fire at the intersection of state Routes 22 and 26 near Huntingdon forced racers and fans to find an alternate route and caused track officials to delay the start of the program by nearly one hour to get everyone in the speedway…Get well wishes are extended to speedway web master Shawn Grace who’s been under the weather recently…Coming up this Saturday is the final point race for the limited late models, street stocks and hobby stocks. The PA 305 Sprints are also on the schedule. More information is available at


Limited Late Models: 1. Derek Byler; 2. Lincoln Richey; 3. Mike Altobelli Jr.; 4. Tim Smith Jr., 5. Rance Garlock; 6. George Dixon Jr., 7. Chase Billet; 8. Randy Burkholder; 9. Mike Altobelli Sr., 10. Steve Bard; 11. Levi Eller; 12. Jimmy Andrews Jr.; 13. Mike Shoemaker; 14. Tom Barren; 15. Kyler Upperman; 16. Jake Griffith; 17. Barry Welch.

DQ: Donnie Hedge and Justin Kann.

Street Stocks: 1. Bill Henney; 2. Khi Swanger; 3. Chad Parks; 4. Dave Brown; 5. Kris Leonard; 6. Randy Wible; 7. Cris Edwards Jr., 8. Wayne Irvin; 9. Neil Wilson; 10. Tom Williams; 11. Tim Brindle; 12. Mike Desch; 13. Scott White; 14. Cory Stiffler; 15. Mike Duguay; 16. Jesse Snyder; 17. Eric Irvin; 18. Steve Thompson.

Hobby Stocks: 1. Joe Dearmitt; 2. Ryan Sager, 3. Chris Channey; 4. Joe Hammers; 5. Daren Desch; 6. Bill Dearmitt; 7. Russell Lightner; 8. Gary Morder; 9. Curtis Guyer; 10. Derek Grabill; 11. Lou Wannayn; 12. Curtis Heath; 13. Robbie Goss; 14. Jeff Shoemaker; 15. Bobby Witter; 16.Steve Cowher; 17. Dale Claycomb; 18.Gerald Price; 19. EJ Goss; 20. Tom Dearmitt; 21. Russell Keith; 22. Mark Snyder; 23. Damion Miller; 24. Jake Gongloff.

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