Desch Gets First Win of \’07 at Hesston

HESSTON, PA –Daren Desch picked up his first Hesston Speedway win this week in the hobby stock division in the Neil Clark Memorial race sponsored by Last Chance Garage.

Repeat winners included Mike Shoemaker in the limited late models; Andy Haus in the PA 305 Sprints and Bill Henney in the street stocks.

Rance Garlock and Mike Duck led the limited late models to the green flag with Garlock taking the lead and Mike Shoemaker moving into second. Shoemaker was pressuring Garlock for several laps as Derek Byler was headed towards the front from his 13th starting position. Like Shoemaker, Byler was on the outside and was headed for a top five.

On lap seven the yellow flew for a slowing Rick Singleton. On the restart Shoemaker went to the outside of Garlock off the second turn and took the lead. Once he was out front he had a clear track, but Byler was still coming to the front but he ran out of time. The top five were Shoemaker, Garlock, Byler, Matt Parks and Mike Altobelli Jr. Heat wins went to Jake Griffith and Mike Shoemaker.

Scott Ellerman led Reed Thompson off the fourth turn to start the sprint feature. He was setting the pace for 10 when Andy Haus and Roger Irvine reeled him in and they were all fighting for the lead. By lap 11 Haus went to the outside off the second turn and took the lead and eventual win. The top five were Haus, Ellerman, Irvine, Craig Robinson and Tim Kline. Heat wins went to Scott Ellerman, Mike Heckman and Roger Irvine. The points ended last week for the sprints and Irvine will be crowned the champion at the banquet later this year.

The street stock feature saw Tom Williams take the lead at the start and hold off a number of challengers including Cris Edwards Jr. and then Bill Henney. As the race continued Henney moved into second and began to pressure Williams, but Williams could no longer hold him off as Henney took the lead on lap 11 and never looked back. At the finish the top five were Henney, Williams, Edwards, Scott White and Kris Leonard. Heat wins went to Scott White and Bill Henney.

In hobby action it was Kevin Hunsicker taking the lead from Curtis Heath at the initial waving of Todd Lynn’s green flag. Hunsicker lost the lead on lap two to Gary Morder. As Morder continued to set the pace the fight for second heated up with Heath and Daren Desch fighting for the spot, but it was Desch who came out in second and chased Morder over the line only to learn in a post race tech the battle for second was for the win when Morder failed to pass tech. The top five were Desch, Heath, Keith Russell, Ryan Sager and Jeff Shoemaker. Heat wins went to Curtis Guyer, Daren Desch and Keith Russell.

PIT NOTES: 70 cars filled the pits including 19 limited late models, 18 PA 305 sprints, 15 street stocks and 20 hobby stocks…coming up this week is a regular show for the limited late models, street stocks and hobby stocks, with points in all three classes and a regular non-point show for the sprints. Race time is 7 p.m. More details are at


Limited Late Models: 1. 8\” Mike Shoemaker, 2. #19 Rance Garlock, 3. #5* Derek Byler, 4. #15 Matt Parks, 5. #79 Mike Atobelli Jr, 6. #80E Donnie Hedge, 7. #39 Tim Smith, 8. #22 Chase Billet, 9. #88 Barry Welch, 10. #37J Jim Andrews Jr., 11. #50 Jake Griffith, 12. #55 Tom Barron, 13. #73 Mike Duck, 14. #67 Tyler Upperman, 15. #99 Rick Singleton, 16. #2 Levi Eller, 17. #77 George Dixon

PA 305 Sprints: 1. #76 Andy Haus, 2. #10 Scott Ellerman, 3. #12 Roger Irvine, 4. #16 Craig Robinson, 5. #6 Tim Kline, 6. #36 Rod Ort, 7. #R6 Reed Thompson, 8. #12J Bill Jones Jr, 9. #8H Mike Heckman, 10. #7 Jim Kennedy, 11. #21C Ryan Lynn, 12. #47 Tom Worrick, 13. #3 Johnny Hagen, 14. #17D Ron Aurand, 15. #27 Brett Hockenberry, 16. #79 Mel Light DNS: #27K Allen Kumpf, #89 DJ Holland

Street Stocks: #50 Bill Henney, 2. #8T Tom Williams, 3. #66 Cris Edwards, 4. #13 Scott White, 5. #34 Kris Leonard, 6. #59 Mike Desch, 7. #3 Chad Parks, 8. #45 Tim Brindle, 9. #110 Dave Brown, 10. #22 Jessie Snyder, 11. #88 Khi Swanger, 12. #151 Dave Swanger, 13. #87 Eric Irvin, 14. #W8 Wayne Irvin, 15. #24 Mike Duquay

Hobby Stocks: 1. #D16 Darren Desch, 2. #71 Curtis Heath, 3. #36K Keith Russell, 4. #78 Ryan Sager, 5. #8\” Jeff Shoemaker, 6. #8C Curtis Guyer, 7. #21 Joe Dearmitt, 8. #10 Jake Gongloff, 9. #30 Russell Lightner, 10. #14 Bobby Witter, 11. #81 Dan Lucas, 12. #68 Bill Dearmitt, 13. #17C Chris Chaney, 14. #32 Dale Claycomb, 15. #73 Kevin Brown, 16. #77 Lou Wannyn, 17. #29 Joe Hammers, 18. #18B Tom Dearmitt, 19. #0 Kevin Hunsicker

DQ #1 Gary Morder

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