Ginter Man has Attempted Murder Charge Held to Court

CLEARFIELD – A Ginter man accused of attempted murder had a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

The alleged victim in the case testified that he and friend made an arrangement with 66-year-old Robert Greenaway, the defendant in the case, to salvage scrap from his property. The alleged victim said that the agreement was made on July 13 or 14, and that their initial contact with Greenaway started rocky at first.

He said that all Greenaway wanted in return was some wood sorted and that they not burn tires.

The alleged victim said that He had gone to Greenaway’s property to salvage around five times. He stated that at one point when he went to Greenaway’s there were fire trucks there. The man said that he spoke with a representative of the Department of Environmental Protection that day.

He went back to Greenaway’s to find out what was going on with the burnt tires as well as to explain that he was not responsible. He said that Greenaway was not present at that time.

On July 24 the alleged victim returned to Greenaway’s property. On that date the man said that Greenaway approached his truck, saying that he needed to talk to the alleged victim. The man said then that as he was getting out Greenaway fired a shot at this front driver’s side tire with a .22 revolver. He said that Greenaway came around his door and fired another shot at his rear driver’s side tire before approaching the man and striking him in the face with what he believes were brass knuckles.

At this point the man said that he was partially in his truck. He said that Greenaway had one hand on his throat and was holding the gun to his face. The man said that Greenaway told him he was going to kill him.

The man said that he pushed his arms up and knocked the gun free. The two engaged in a brief struggle and the man said that he realized the gun was between himself and Greenaway on the ground.

The man said that he kicked the gun away and that it discharged.

“A smart person would have kicked the gun under the truck,” said the alleged victim. “I wasn’t thinking. I was fearing for my life.”

The man said that he gave one great push and took off running for the woods. He said that as he was running he could hear at least three shots ricochet around him.

The other man, Jake Long, who was with the alleged victim when the deal was allegedly struck with Greenaway also testified.

His testimony differed from the alleged victim’s in that Long said that they salvaged almost daily from Greenaway’s. The alleged victim stated he had been there around five times, and only once had Long been with him.

State trooper Richard Magnusson said that during the investigation they noticed that the alleged victim’s truck had four flat tires, two of which had what holes in them. One had entrance and exit holes, another had a .22 caliber bullet in it. The other two tires showed no signs of being shot.

After the hearing defense attorney Ron Collins argued that there was no evidence toward the criminal attempt to commit first degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Magisterial District Judge Richard Ireland stated that the testimony of the ricochets and the statement involving killing were sufficient enough to hold all charges over to court.

Collins also argued for a lowered form of bail. Greenaway’s bail is currently set at $100,000.

Clearfield County District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr. argued against lowered bail. He said that the weapon allegedly used in the incident has yet to be recovered and voiced concerns over the public’s safety.

“My concern is the safety of the public,” said Ireland. “I’m going to let it (bail) where it is and you can take it up with a judge.”

Greenaway is charged with criminal attempt to commit first degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, terroristic threats, recklessly endangering another person, terroristic threats and two counts of simple assault.

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