Lorenzo Earns Career First Feature Win At Dog Hollow

STRONGSTOWN, PA – Three drivers found the winners circle for the first time this season on Coy’s Store Trophy night, including Scott Lorenzo of Nolo who picked up his first career feature in the Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks. Jason Bialowas of Ruffsdale won his first Texas Auto Ranch Four Wheeler Sidewinder feature while Tommy Snyder of Mayport became the third new Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Model winner.

Repeat winners included Mike Laughard of Twin Rocks in the Hugill Sales and Service Street Stocks and Rance Garlock of Three Springs in the Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models.

The late models took the track with Bill Krause beating Rance Garlock off the front row and into the first turn at the initial waving of the green flag. Krause lead for eight laps with a host of drivers behind him trying to get the groove to go into the lead. Krause continued to set the pace with Garlock and Randy Smithley a close second and third.

On lap eight Smithley went to the outside and passed Garlock for second and stayed on the outside the next lap to take the lead from Krause off the fourth turn. He continued to lead with Garlock now second and Bernie Whiteford moved to third, dropping Krause to third. A caution with three laps to go tightened the field and saw Whiteford pit and fifth place Dan Lee pit.

On the restart Smithley and Garlock still led, but out of nowhere came Gregg Satterlee. Satterlee went to the outside of Garlock and took the position on lap 19, he stayed high and tried to overtake Smithley, but Smithley moved high to try and block Satterlee, so Satterlee went to the bottom of the track in turns three and four and dove under Smithley, but they touched in turn four with Garlock diving under both off the turn and taking the win. Satterlee was second, Shawn “Sheets” McGarvey was third, Clate Copeman was fourth from 12th and Krause was fifth. Randy Smithley and Rance Garlock won the heats. Smithley was third across the line, but following a post race incident he was disqualified.

Tom Snyder and Chris Knuth led the Fastrak Late Models to the green with Snyder taking the lead and going flag-to-flag for the win. Paul Michny came home second with Dave Padula third, Knuth fourth and Ron Smithley fifth. The heat was won by Tom Snyder.

The street stock feature saw Mike Laughard take the lead from front row starters Mike Zemrose and Ray Charles at the start. Charles sat second most of the race with Joash Jacoby third and fourth changing several times. As the race went on, Jacoby moved past Charles for second and Jeff Sweeney moved the third, the top three drew close to each other, but Laughard wasn’t about to be denied, as he took his second win of the season. Jacoby, Sweeney, Charles and John Kinsey completed the top five. Josh Jacoby and Jeff Sweeney won the heats.

For the second straight week the pure stock feature went non-stop, with Scott Lorenzo braking into the winners circle for the first time in his career. Lorenzo took the lead at the start from fellow front row starter Matt Summers. Lorenzo led the race wire-to-wire with Rich Powell in second and Summers falling to third. The top six raced under the proverbial blanket the entire race with Tim Good and Tim Laughard jockeying for position side-by-side the whole race. At the finish it was Lorenzo taking the win with Powell, Summers, Good and Laughard completing the top five. Heat wins went to Rich Powell and Tim Laughard.

The four cylinder sidewinders saw Scott Shirk and Shaina Shannon on the front row, with a multi-car spin on the front stretch. On the restart Shirk took the lead with Chris Yoder second and Jay Schettini third. Shirk pitted with a smoking engine on lap three, giving the lead to Yoder, but he lost the position on lap five to Jason Bialowas who dove under the leader in the third and fourth turns. At the finish with was Bialowas with his first win of the season. Kirby Tucker, Dan Adams, Jon Forshey and Schettini completed the top five. Heat wins went to Mark Maglet, Scott Shirk and Jay Schettini.

DOG TRACKS: 78 teams filled the pits, including 21 late models, 6 Fastrak Late Models, 13 street stocks, 14 pure stocks and 24 four cylinder sidewinders…The mechanics race was won by Brian Shirey…coming up this week is a regular show for the late models, Fastrak late models, street stocks, pure stocks and four cylinder sidewinders plus a pure stock powder puff race. Racing action will be sponsored by Hopkins gas of St. Benedict. Race time is 7:30 p.m. More details are on the website at www.dog-hollow.com

Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models: 1. Rance Garlock, Dixonville; 2. Greg Satterlee; 3. Shawn McGarvey; 4. Clate Copeman; 5. Bill Krause; 6. Billy Eash; 7. Ted Gallaher; 8. Ryan Jacoby; 9. Sam Gindlesperger; 10. Paul Dominick; 11. Mike Ziner; 12. TJ Fleck; 13. Curtis Lias; 14. Jim Ivory; 15. Rudy Bassaro; 16. Bernie Whiteford; 17. Dan Lee; 18. Kris Pisarcik; 19. Chad Walter; 20. Ray Sgro

Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models: 1. Tom Snyder, Magport; 2. Paul Michny; 3. Dave Padula; 4. Chris Knuth; 5. Ron Smithley; 6. Daniel Angelicchio

Hugill Sales and Service Street Stocks: 1. Mike Laughard, Twin Rocks; 2. Josh Jacoby; 3. Jeff Sweeney; 4. Ray E. Charles; 5. John Kinsey; 6. Stan Riggle; 7. Corey Poraczky; 8. Mike Zemrose; 9. Brad Campbell; 10. John Safko; 11. Dennis Collins; 12. Royann Charles; 13. Joe Pluta

Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks: 1. Scott Lorenzo, Nolo; 2. Rich Powell; 3. Matt Summers; 4. Tim Good; 5. Tim Laughard; 6. John Mazey; 7. Derek Stiffler; 8. Marshall Detwiler; 9. Bobby Noel; 10. Justin Queen; 11. Jeff Jones; 12. Gary Furman Jr.; 13. Brian Daughenbaugh; 14. Brian Ray

Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Sidewinders: 1. Jason Bialowas, Ruffsdale; 2. Kirby Tucker Sr.; 3. Dan Adams; 4. Jonathan Forshey; 5. Jay Schettinni; 6. Mark Maglet; 7. Randy Wilkinson; 8. Joe Petyak; 9. Tom Pavelko; 10. Mark Young; 11. Nathan Good; 12. Paul Little; 13. Mike Phillipson; 14. Tom Ondro; 15. Martin Lechner; 16. Ray Hickok Jr.; 17. Chris Hickok; 18. Ryan Claycomb; 19. TJ Powell; 20. Shaina Shannon; 21. Scott Shirk; 22. Jesse Laughard

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