Clearfield Borough Working Foreman Responds to Letter

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Borough’s working foreman cleared the air at Thursday’s work session of the borough council.

Bill Beveridge responded to a recent Letter to the Editor posted on GantDaily.

Beveridge called the letter “slander.” Slander is commonly defined as spoken defamation — words that falsely or negatively or falsely portray a specific person, although that person need not be called by name.

“Some of his quotes were true,” Beveridge said, but he disagreed with many parts of the letter.

He cited the fact that the crew punched in at 6:30 a.m. The grader operator was instructed to run the equipment all day because it had not been run in a while.

Beveridge said two men were assigned to the job, not three, and they were told to haul seven to eight loads to Cross Street.

“They did a pretty nice job,” Beveridge said of the use of recycled amicite from Park Avenue for the job. Beveridge added that he supervised the job off and on all day.

He said the workers took lunch at 10:30 a.m. that day but disagreed with the claim that the men were at lunch for two hours.

“Not once since I’ve worked for Clearfield Borough have I seen a two-hour lunch break,” he said, noting that the workers receive an extra 10 or 15 minutes in hot weather, for example.

He also explained that the reason the last load was not placed at the work site was because it was material in the truck so that the vehicle could be used as a roller.

The workers returned to the shop and spent until 2:30 p.m. readying equipment to sit through the weekend.

“In my opinion, the borough crew did a good day’s work.

“The borough crew worked in a professional and safe manner By no means are there any milkers or slackers on the borough crew. We don’t have a big enough crew to have any slackers.”

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