Man Accused of Pushing Sister-in-Law from Second Floor Waives Charges to Court

CLEARFIELD – A Madera man is free on unsecured bail after he waived a preliminary hearing on charges that he pushed his sister-in-law from the second floor of his home.

Steven B. McGary, 42, faces aggravated assault and other counts for a June 3 incident.

Court documents tell a story of McGary and his wife fighting, and the 39-year-old alleged victim in the case attempting to break it up.

The woman in the case told police that her sister, also McGary’s wife, and McGary were fighting in the second floor of their home at about 10:45 p.m. that night. The woman’s sister reportedly punched McGary. He responded by pushing his sister-in-law, causing her to fall through a second story doorway and then 15 to 20 feet to the ground.

The woman landed on her back.

Medical records obtained by police show that the woman suffered compressed or cracked vertebrae and bruising on her brain.

A man who witnessed the incident allegedly told police that McGarys were arguing when the alleged victim stepped in to try to calm the situation.

McGary’s case will be added to the trial list for further proceedings.

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