Peterson, House Republicans Spotlight Democrat Energy Failures

WASHINGTON, DC – Wednesday in the U.S. Capitol, Congressman John E. Peterson, R-Pa., and fellow House Republicans held a press conference to discuss the Democrats’ failure to include production of energy in their “energy” proposal. Peterson was joined by Conference Chairman Adam Putnam (FL), Conference Vice Chairman Kay Granger (TX), Joe Barton (TX), Energy and Commerce Committee’s Ranking Republican, and other leading House Republicans. Peterson issued the following statement following the event.

“Democrats took control of Congress in January promising, among many things, lower gas prices and cheaper energy. As many Americans are traveling over this summer season and feeling the pinch in their pocketbooks from high energy prices, it’s safe to say that the jury is in and that the Democrats energy proposal can be added to the ongoing, and ever increasing, tally of broken promises that they made to the American people.

“Our energy crisis is the most critical issue that we face today. As the Democrats, pressured by environmental zealots, refuse to responsibly allow America to compete on a level playing field in the global economy by increasing our domestic production of clean, green natural gas, countries across the world will continue to drill for energy off their shores and stockpile energy that we’ve historically had access to.

“In fact, the independent International Energy Agency recently reported that the supply of oil and natural gas required for continued world economic growth is at risk. That’s not to mention that independent analysis recently showed that Brazil, Russia, India and China have for the first time surpassed the U.S. as the dominate competitor in the global energy market. Yet the Democrats believe that producing American energy, which would reduce our energy prices and create quality jobs here at home, is the wrong avenue of approach.

“As a country, we must conserve and use the resources we have wisely. We must also continue to develop alternative and renewable energy sources. But while the Democrats continue to look down the barrel of the gun at America’s growing energy crisis and contend conservation and higher taxes are the path to energy independence, Republicans will continue to fight for the production American energy.”

Peterson coauthored the National Environment and Energy Development Act, which would lift the congressional moratoria for natural gas leasing on the OCS. The bipartisan measure ensures states’ rights, direct royalties to environmental restoration and renewable energy funds, as well as to producing states. The measure includes strong labor provisions.

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