DASD Votes Down Motion for New Human Resources Software

DUBOIS – The DuBois Area School District Board of Directors voted down a motion for purchasing new web-based accounting and human resources software at Wednesday night’s meeting.

The overall agreement included a software license agreement, professional services agreement, software support and maintenance agreement with Information Design Inc./Weidenhammer Systems Corporation in the amount $91,429. This would include the basic service which would have included real-time ledger updates and an option for an employee web portal. Additional options were available at an added cost.

What the $91,429 would not include is a server for the software and information. A server would cost an additional $6,995.

A representative from Weidenhammer stated that the Sage program’s platform had been around since 1984, but had been upgraded in recent years to now feature a web-based system.

The representative said that it would be a conversion from the district’s older Weidenhammer system which dates to 1979.

Part of the $91,429 would include $25,000 for training.

“Isn’t $25,000 a large amount just for training,” asked Ken Mitchell, vice president of the board.

School officials noted that they were comfortable with Weidenhammer’s services after working with them for around 30 years.

A motion to approve the agreement failed in a five to four vote.

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