CCRTA Tourism Roundtable Discusses the Future of County Tourism

CLEARFIELD – Members of the the tourism industry from around the area came together Wednesday morning for a tourism roundtable held by the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority.

Members discussed the recent comments by Roger Brooks, a branding expert with Destination Development Inc. who was brought in to assess how the county could better brand itself.  Click here for that story. 

Peggy Durant said that she wasn’t sure if they got their money’s worth from Brooks’ assessment, and noted that it was similar to one he had given before. She did point out that Brooks was helpful, and that he was good at pointing out what the county did not have.

There were discussions about people better educating themselves on what and where tourist destinations are in their own backyard. Nancy Micks mentioned one way to better promote tourism in the area would be to regionalize the region.

There were also discussions about communities being better prepared for tourists, such as providing restrooms for visitors.

Sandy Fink Barrett, director of CCRTA, said that she wanted a strong core of tourism individuals to come up with a master plan for the county’s tourism industry over the next few years.

“We need to come up with an overall plan,” said Micks.

There was also a discussion about funding for the overall plan. Barrett said that one grant option was out, but that with a potential grant writer more doors would be open.

Barrett mentioned becoming better friends with PennDOT and smaller municipalities to better promote the area as well. The group also discussed getting the public more involved in the tourism effort.

“Getting over apathy is a big issue,” said Micks.

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