Morgan Only New Winner at Gamblers

CLEARFIELD – Ralph Morgan made his first trip to Gamblers Raceway Park a winning one on Friday night after he picked up the rear wheel drive four cylinder fearture win.

A host of repeat winners also found victory lane, including Cody Schultz in the late models, Mike Stine in the small block modifieds, Gary Little in the street stocks, Jason Bainey in the pure stocks and Kirby Tucker in the front wheel drive wild cards.

Cody Schultz held off all challengers in the late model feature to get his second feature win of the season. Harry Miller, Bob McMillen, Levi Ardery and Butch Braim completed the top five. Heat wins went to Schultz and Braim.

The modified feature was won by opening night winner Mike Stine. He’s been shut out of victory lane since opening night and avenged the loss this week. The top five were Jimmy Holden, Don Hildebrant, Shane Jones and Bobby Roos. The heat was won by Hildebrant.

In the always exciting street stock class the win went to Gary Little for the third time this season. Little held off the challenges of Dan Smeal and Pat Carfley to earn the win. So far this season only Smeal and Little have picked up victories. Fourth went new comer Jamie Barber and fifth went to Rick Hemphill. Dan Smeal and Rick Hemphill split heat wins.

The pure stock feature saw Jason Bainey add to his win streak after he held off a pair of deuces to get the win. The top five were Bainey, Frank Little, Justin Queen, John Eckenrod and Martin Hubler. Justin Queen won the lone heat race.

In the four cylinder wild cards it was Kirby Tucker picking up his second win of the season. Tucker held off the hard charging Joe Petyak, Kevin Clark, Shawn Fedder and Steve Ghezzi. Heat wins went to Steve Ghezzi and Kevin Clark.

Eight rear wheel drive four cylinders showed up to do battle with new comer Ralph Morgan taking the win. He was pursued to the line by Orin Taylor, Bob Ralston Jr., Paul Metz and Brandon Weidow. Morgan won the heat race.

FINAL DEALS: 57 cars filled the pits including 15 late models, 9 small block modifieds, 17 street stocks, 9 pure stocks, 8 four cylinders and 11 front wheel drive four cylinders…There will be no racing this Friday in anticipation of Sunday’s but Street Stock nationals paying $1,500 to the winner. The race will also have the pure stocks and the wild cards in action. The winner of Sunday’s race will get a guaranteed starting spon in the street stock portion of the July 3 Yankee Doodle…Coming up on July 22nd is the annual Throw of the Dice Classic. More details on that race are coming soon. For more details check out the website at


Late Models: 1. Cody Schultz, Hyde; 2. Harry Miller; 3. Bob McMillen; 4. Levi Ardery; 5. Butch Braim; 6. Larry Wingard; 7. Tom Shaffer; 8. Dean Colbert; 9. Jason Walker; 10. John Brady; 11. Loran Sallack; 12. T.J. Fleck; 13. Denny Fenton; 14. Billy Eash; 15. Dylan Yoder.

Small Block Modifieds: 1. Mike Stine, Smithmill; 2. Jimmy Holden; 3. Don Hildebrant; 4. Shane Jones; 5. Bobby Roos; 6. Marvin Williams Sr., 7. Mike Butterworth; 8. Justin Bowser; 9. Todd Bainey.

Street Stocks: 1. Gary Little, Clearfield; 2. Dan Smeal; 3. Pat Carfley; 4. Jamie Barber; 5. Rick Hemphill; 6. Denny Ring; 7. Dustin Michvek; 8. Randy Reitz; 9. Toby Saline; 10. Tom Williams; 11. Dan Gill; 12. Tom Homan; 13. Jason Peters; 14. Frank McVay; 15. Scott Fenton; 16. Jamie Price; 17. Mike Weaver

Pure Stocks: 1. Jason Bainey, Morrisdale; 2. Frank Little; 3. Justin Queen; 4. John Eckenrod; 5. Martin Hubler; 6. # 33; 7. Richard Hubler; 8. Kevin Chase; 9. Eric Lucas;

Wild Cards: 1. Kirby Tucker Sr., Loretto; 2. Joe Petyak; 3. Kevin Clark; 4. Shawn Fedder; 5. Steve Ghezzi; 6. Todd English; 7. Aaron Luzier; 8. Mike Hummel; 9. Kirk Hess; 10. Chad Hoover; 11. Mark Hubler

4 Cylinders: 1. Ralph Morgan, Mapleton; 2. Orin Taylor; 3. Bob Ralston Jr.; 4. Paul Metz; 5. Brandon Weidow; 6. Mark Hummel; 7. Ernie Smith; 8. Michael Maineste

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