Copeman and Good Get First Wins of 2007 at Dog Hollow

STRONGSTOWN, PA – Clate Copeman and Tim Good were the only new winners on Al’s Tire Trophy night at Dog Hollow Speedway Friday night in the Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models and the Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks, respectively.

Repeat winners include Dave Padula in the Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models, Josh Jacoby in the Hugill Sales and Service Street Stocks and Eric Hoover in the Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Sidewinders.

The late models took to the speedway with Mark Booth and Kris Pisarchik on the front row with Booth taking the lead and setting the pace for four laps. “Hot Rod” Rodney Phillips then looked under Booth off the second turn and going into the third turn he dove under Booth and Booth went high and Phillips took the lead.

Phillips then pulled out to s comfortable lead with the fight for second heating up between Randy Smithley, Pisarchik and Clate Copeman. The fight for second ended up being a battle for the win, which no one knew until the cars crossed the scales as Phillips was 36 pounds too light. Copeman then assumed the win with Smithley second, Pisartchik third, Chris Rhodes fourth and Bill Krause fifth. Heat wins went to Randy Smithley and Chris Rhodes.

Dave Padula took the lead at the start of the newly renamed Fastrak Late Model feature and held off a persistent Paul Michny and a closing Chris Knuth but at the line it was Padula taking the win with Michny, Knuth and Ron Smithley completing the top four. Padula won the heat.

Randy Campbell and Tyler Hite led the street stocks to the green flag with Campbell taking the lead and setting the pace. Campbell was well on his way to a first career win with Hite a close second and Josh Jacoby third. The top three were close as a caution flew on lap 13 regrouping the field.

The race restarted with Campbell still leading and Hite second. As the front two entered the first turn they touched, with Campbell flipping wildly in the air before landing hard on his roof. He wasn’t hurt but the car sustained major damage. When the race restarted Jacoby had inherited the lead and was able to hold off John McCann for his second with of the season. Mike Laughard, John Kinsey and Joe Pluta completed the top five. Heat wins went to Mike Laughard and Scott Charles.

John Mazey beat Scott Lorenzo into the first turn to start the pure stock feature and leading the first lap, but Tim Good went to the outside off the second turn and took the lead from Mazey and held him off to get his first win of the season. Mazey was a close second with Rich Powell, Tim Bracken and Marshall Detwiler completing the top five. Heat wins went to Rich Powell and Marshall Detwiler.

Mark Maglet took the lead at the start of the four cylinder feature by beating Chris Yoder into the first turn. The race saw Eric Hoover take the lead on three and hold off Dan Adams and Jim Tunstall for his second win of the season. Yoder was fourth behind Tunstall and Scott Shirk fifth. Heat wins went to Scott Shirk, Dan Adams and Paul Little.

DOG TRACKS: 88 cars filled the pits including 21 late models, 4 Fastrak Late Models, 15 street stocks, 20 pure stocks and 28 four cylinders…The mechanics race for the pure stocks was won by Doug Detwiler…The McDonalds School Buses will be in action along with the late models, Fastrak Late Models, Street stocks, pure stocks and four cylinder sidewinders. Race time is 7:30 p.m. sharp. For more information check out the website at

SUMMARY for June 22, 2007

Townsend Gas and Oil Late Models: 1. Clate Copeman, Greensburg; 2. Randy Smithley; 3. Kris Pisarcik; 4. Chris Rhodes; 5. Bill Krause; 6. Mark Booth; 7. Dan Lee; 8. Tim Snare; 9. Ryan Jacoby; 10. Bernie Whiteford; 11. Randy Smith; 12. Jeff Compton; 13. John Wayne Weaver; 14. Fred Ziegler; 15. Jim Ivory; 16. Rick Strong: 17. Terry Rayro; 18. Rance Garlock; 19. Bobby Watt

Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models: 1. Dave Padula, Greencastle; 2. Paul Michny; 3. Chris Knuth; 4. Ron Smithley

Hugill Sales and Service Street Stocks: 1. Josh Jacoby, Fernwood; 2. John McCann; 3. Mike Laughard; 4. John Kinsey; 5. Dave Galore; 6. Joe Pluta; 7. Corey Poraczky; 8. Mike Zemrose; 9. Royann Charles; 10. Ray E. Charles; 11. Todd Weiner; 12. Jeff Sweeney; 13. Randy Campbell; 14. Tyler Hite; 15. John Safko

Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks: 1. Tim Good, Vintondale; 2. John Mazey; 3. Rich Powell; 4. Tim Bracken; 5. Marshall Detwiler; 6. Tim Laughard; 7. Bobby Noel; 8. Matt Summers; 9. Gary Furman Jr.; 10. Mike Silk; 11. Jeff Jones; 12. Scott Lorenzo; 13. Andy Little; 14. Alex Kirsch; 15. Charlie Boring; 16. Derek Stiffler; 17. Mason Ziegler; 18. Brian Daughenbaugh; 19. Brian Ray; DNS: Bill Horner

Texas Auto Ranch Four Cylinder Sidewinders: 1. Eric Hoover; 2. Dan Adams; 3. Jim Tunstall; 4. Chris Yoder; 5. Scott Shirk; 6. Mark Maglet; 7. Merrill Bolette; 8. Karl Bailey; 9. Chris Booher; 10. Jonathan Forshey; 11. Charlie Trice; 12. Brennan McCracken; 13. TJ Powell; 14. Paul Little; 15. John Boring; 16. Mike Phillipson; 17. Nathan Good; 18. Mark Wetzel Jr.; 19. George Gillin Jr.; 20. Ray Hickok Jr.; 21. Martin Lechner; 22. Mark Young; 23. Ray Wright; 24. Jesse Laughard; 25. Jay Schettini; 26. David Rocker; DNS: Randy Wilkinson, John Watt

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