QIDC Hears from River Hill Power Co.

KARTHAUS – The River Hill Power Co. is on track to construct an electricity generating plant in Karthaus.

The Quehanna Industrial Development Corp. discussed a letter received from Stephen Poje, senior vice president of the company, at the organization’s June meeting.

“With respect to the River Hill Power Project, I can unequivocally tell you that the project is moving forward and that the development activities under way are exceptionally time consuming,” Poje’s letter stated.

He further noted that drilling of the deep mines at the site has been progressing since late December. When that phase is finished, the site will be deep compacted to ensure it is safe for construction.

The company is also involved in the process of preparing bid packages for engineering services and equipment.

Poje said the company is planning to start construction of a new two-lane bridge over Mosquito Creek in late August or September.

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