Man Stabbed in DuBois Suffers Major Injuries

DUBOIS – DuBois City Police Department released a correction from on a report that was received Thursday.

Officers inverviewed a man originally reported to have been stabbed in the head. According to police the man no says he was hit on the head twice with a log. The alleged assault occurred outside of DuBois City Police jurisdiction and is now being investigated by the Sandy Township Police Department.

DuBois City Police alerted the media Thursday morning of a stabbing that occurred on June 16.

Police originally reported that they were dispatched to the 50 block of East Scribner Avenue for an assault victim who was waiting for emergency medical services. The unnamed man had been stabbed in the head and was beaten. According to police he sustained major injuries and is currently in an unnamed intensive care unit.

Police did not say if they had a suspect in the report, however the investigation continues.

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